Prime Minister Narendra Modi captured attention on Sunday by inaugurating the Surat Diamond Bourse (SDB), a game-changing initiative relocating the global diamond trading hub from Mumbai to Surat, Gujarat. The event unveiled what’s been hailed as the “world’s biggest office,” showcasing India’s flair for design, innovation, and industrial prowess.

PM Modi emphasized the Surat Diamond Bourse’s significance, praising its representation of Indian strength in design, materials, and concepts. He hailed it as a symbol of the new India’s power, applauding the diamond industry, Surat city, and the nation for this monumental feat.

At the core of this architectural wonder are Manit Rastogi and Sonali Rastogi, visionary architects and founding partners at Morphogenesis. Both graduates of SPA Delhi and the Architectural Association (AA), London, Sonali highlighted their profound connection to architecture, describing their life’s journey as an architectural adventure.

Their return to India in 1996 marked the inception of Morphogenesis, driven by a strong desire to contribute an Indian perspective to global architecture. Over 21 years, Morphogenesis has led innovative design, completing 450+ projects across countries, and setting new benchmarks in architectural leadership.

The Surat Diamond Bourse mirrors Morphogenesis’ innovative ethos, drawing from Surat’s socio-cultural fabric, sustainability norms, and efficient spatial planning. Its design integrates India’s diamond community into the world’s largest single-office structure.

The architects highlighted the building’s features, likening its efficient design to an airport terminal with walkable corridors and a sophisticated radiant cooling system. They stressed its adaptation to Surat’s topography, citing flood mitigation and rainwater harvesting incorporated into the design.

Emphasizing benefits for diamond merchants, they highlighted its role in transforming Surat’s diamond hub, fostering interactions, and enabling open trading like a traditional bazaar.

The building’s eco-friendly attributes include open spaces, naturally ventilated areas, and cooling systems that slash energy use. Awarded the Indian Green Building Council (IGBC) Platinum rating, it sets new standards in sustainable architecture, consuming 50% less energy than industry norms.

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The Surat Diamond Bourse symbolizes Surat’s heritage and future, embodying the city’s trade, commerce, and innovation. Its unique traits align with India’s vision for global growth and innovation, marking a milestone in the nation’s architectural landscape.