In the success tales of the Indian Institutes of Technology (IIT), Mahesh Gupta’s story shines bright. His journey is a stellar example of innovation, determination, and entrepreneurial spirit. Gupta, an IIT graduate, not only brought pride to his alma mater but also became an inspiration for aspiring leaders and young minds across India.

Hailing from Delhi, Gupta showed early academic brilliance. His father, working in the finance ministry, created a supportive environment for education. After schooling in Delhi’s Lodhi Road, Gupta headed to IIT Kanpur for mechanical engineering. His hunger for knowledge led him to earn a master’s degree from the Indian Institute of Petroleum in Dehradun.

Initially working at Indian Oil Limited, a sought-after government job, Gupta’s life took a turn when his son fell sick due to contaminated water. This event pushed Gupta towards entrepreneurship, aiming to tackle society’s water problems.

Unsatisfied with available water purifiers in India, Gupta used his engineering background to create a solution. In 1998, he founded Kent RO Systems, dedicated to providing clean drinking water through osmosis-based purifiers.

Starting with a team of four and an initial investment of Rs 1 lakh, Gupta began a journey to revolutionize water purification, selling his product for Rs 20,000. This venture soon became a household name in India, growing from a seed capital of Rs 5,000 to an empire with an annual turnover exceeding Rs 1100 crore.

Gupta’s journey embodies the power of education, innovation, and determination to positively impact society. His success not only inspires the IIT community but also budding entrepreneurs navigating the challenges of business.

As IIT grads continue making strides with their innovations, Mahesh Gupta’s tale stands tall, reminding us that true greatness lies in solving real-world problems. His shift from a government job to leading a billion-dollar enterprise captures India’s entrepreneurial spirit, showing how one person, driven by vision, can make a significant difference.