Murli Dhar Gyanchandani possesses assets worth Rs 12000 crore, while his sibling possesses assets worth Rs 8000 crore.

Prominent figures from business hubs such as Delhi, Mumbai, and Gurgaon frequently appear on the affluent register. Nonetheless, numerous individuals based in UP also secure a spot on these lists. Cities like Kanpur, Noida, and Agra lead the way in producing millionaires. For instance, the wealthiest individual in UP is Murli Dhar Gyanchandani, with his brother Bimal ranking third. Who are these prosperous individuals in Uttar Pradesh?

According to the 2022 Hurun Rich List, Murli Dhar Gyanchandani is Uttar Pradesh’s wealthiest person. He is the proprietor of the RSPL Group, which manufactures Ghadi detergent powder. His brother ranks third on the list.

Murli Dhar Gyanchandani possesses assets worth Rs 12000 crore, while his brother possesses assets worth Rs 8000 crore.

They hail from Kanpur, and their business ventures are also based in the same city.

Their father, Dayaldas Gyanchandani, used to produce oil soap using glycerine. The brothers progressively expanded the enterprise.

Ghadi, a cost-effective detergent, is manufactured by their flagship company, Rohit Surfactants. It stands as the second-largest detergent brand. Bimal’s son manages the company’s marketing. Murli Dhar’s sons, Manoj and Rahul, are also involved in the conglomerate.

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In addition to Ghadi detergent, they also possess the renowned footwear company, Red Chief.

During the late 1980s, when the brothers launched the brand, Surf and Nirma dominated the market.

They also export their Ghadi brand. Manok also oversees their dairy business, Namaste India. Furthermore, they established a charitable hospital in Kanpur, named after their parents.

As per the list, Muralidhar ranks 149th among the wealthiest individuals in India.

In the previous year, their net worth amounted to Rs 9800 crore and Rs 6600 crore, respectively.

In 1995, Manoj Gyanchandani established Leayan Global Private Limited, which currently produces Red Chief shoes. Their turnover is worth hundreds of crores.

The entire family leads a low-profile life and refrains from active participation on social media.