Bigg Boss OTT Season 2 has been making headlines with its controversial contestants. Recently, Cyrus decided to leave the show due to issues with sleep and food. Meet Pooja Bhatt, who exits Bigg Boss OTT 2 house; she left the show due to personal reasons.

In the latest updates, Pooja Bhatt has also exited the house, citing medical reasons. She is expected to return after completing her medical tests, though there’s no official confirmation yet.

Another development in the show was the eviction of Falaq Naazz, as per the votes from the housemates. After her eviction, Falaq shared her thoughts and experiences in an exclusive conversation with DNA India.

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When asked about any regrets during her stay in the house, Falaq expressed satisfaction in playing the game honestly and with integrity. She stated that she didn’t resort to fake love or plotting to gain an advantage or entertain the audience. For her, it was a beautiful journey, staying true to herself amidst all the chaos.

During Sunday’s episode, Salman revealed Falaq, Avinash Sachdev, and Jad Hadid as the bottom three contestants. Housemates were asked to name the most ‘disinterested’ housemate, and Falaq’s name came up, as expected. Surprisingly, her close friends Jiya Shankar and Pooja Bhatt also named her for eviction, which hurt and surprised Falaq.

She had always treated Pooja with respect, even when Pooja nominated her. On the other hand, Pooja had mentioned that she would only stay in touch with Bebika Dhurve after the show, which left Falaq feeling hurt.