In stories, a strong bad person is really important. People always like to see good guys fighting against bad guys. Today, let’s talk about an actor who is in his late 80s but still acts. When people used to see him on screen, they would joke that their wives should hide because he was so convincing as a bad guy. One of his famous lines is, “My name is Prem, Prem Chopra.”

Prem Chopra was one of six kids. He was born on September 23, 1935, in Lahore. After the partition, his family moved to Shimla. Prem wanted to become an actor, but his father wanted him to be a doctor. Despite this, Prem went to Bombay to try his luck in films. His father worried about the uncertainty of acting jobs, so he suggested Prem find a backup job.

Prem took his father’s advice seriously. In Bombay, he got a job at the Times of India newspaper. He managed his time well between work and auditions. His boss supported his dream of acting. Prem’s first film in Punjab was important to him, but sadly, his mother couldn’t see it as she passed away from cancer.

Even after becoming successful in Bollywood, Prem kept his newspaper job. He got famous for playing negative roles after trying a suggestion during the making of “Main Shadi Karne Chala”. He left the newspaper after his big success in films like “Teesri Manzil” and “Upkaar”.

Prem became known for his scary performances in movies like “Teesri Manzil”, “Upkaar”, and “Bobby”. Once, when he was walking with his dad, people joked about hiding their wives from him. This made Prem both happy and embarrassed.

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Prem Chopra acted in over 380 films in a 60-year career. He’s known for playing the villain in 19 of Rajesh Khanna’s films. At 88 years old, his recent work includes the movie “Animal” with Ranbir Kapoor.