Many smart people from IIT are leading some of the world’s biggest companies. They get good jobs right after finishing college, but many also dream of starting their own companies.

Today, lots of cool companies started by IIT grads are making life easier for us all. One such grad, Rahul Jaimini, co-founded Swiggy, which is now worth more than Rs 65000 crore!

Rahul Jaimini went to IIT Kharagpur. He interned at Virginia Tech and Philips Research while studying. After graduating, he worked at Myntra and a few other places before teaming up with Sriharsha Majety and Nandan Reddy to start Swiggy in 2014. Swiggy began small but grew fast, thanks to Rahul’s tech skills.

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Rahul helped Swiggy expand across India by adding cool new features. After nearly 6 years at Swiggy, he left to join Pesto Tech, a startup helping people fast-track their careers. Rahul’s journey inspires many budding entrepreneurs, especially in the tech and food-tech fields.