Raj Kiran, a charismatic hero of the 80s, enchanted audiences with his performances in nearly 100 films. Known for his roles in movies such as ‘Karz,’ ‘Teri Meherbaniyan,’ ‘Ghar Ho To Aisa,’ and ‘Bulundi,’ the actor’s popularity soared during his heyday. However, a series of unfortunate events, including a dwindling film career, financial struggles, and personal hardships, led him to obscurity.

Despite early success, Raj Kiran faced a downturn in his career due to the monotony of roles offered to him. The industry’s changing dynamics and the actor’s continuous portrayal of similar characters contributed to a decline in demand for his talent. The shift from the silver screen to television also did not revitalize his career, leaving Raj Kiran grappling with financial woes.

Amidst professional challenges, personal setbacks compounded the actor’s struggles. His marriage to Roopa faced strains, leading to their separation, with Roopa relocating with their daughter. Reports suggested that the family took control of Raj Kiran’s property, exacerbating his financial difficulties. The actor, battling depression, found himself admitted to the Byculla Mental Asylum in Mumbai in the early 2000s.

Facing adversity on multiple fronts, Raj Kiran sought a fresh start and moved to New York in pursuit of opportunities. However, the move did not yield the expected results, pushing him into a taxi-driving job. Eventually, he vanished from the public eye, leaving his whereabouts unknown.

In 2011, during a vacation to the United States, Rishi Kapoor, who had collaborated with Raj Kiran in multiple films and shared a close friendship, attempted to locate the missing actor. Rishi Kapoor contacted Raj Kiran’s brother, Gobind Mahtani, who revealed that the actor was residing in an Atlanta asylum due to mental health issues. However, Raj Kiran’s daughter, Rishika Mahtani, contradicted this information, claiming that the family did not know his location for 25 years.

Despite Rishi Kapoor’s efforts, Raj Kiran remained elusive, adding an air of mystery to his disappearance. Each year, on her father’s birthday, Rishika Mahtani commemorates him with a poignant post, keeping the memories alive.

Raj Kiran’s story encapsulates the harsh realities faced by actors in the film industry, emphasizing the importance of mental health and support networks. The actor’s abrupt exit from the limelight and the uncertainty surrounding his well-being serve as a poignant reminder of the unpredictable nature of fame and fortune.