Ramanand Sagar, a legendary figure in Indian television, left an indelible mark with his iconic shows that continue to be a topic of discussion even after many years. Renowned for his ability to envision characters seamlessly on screen, Sagar played a pivotal role in shaping the careers of numerous actors. The magnum opus “Ramayan,” featuring Arun Govil as ‘Ram’ and Deepika Chikhlia as ‘Sita,’ stands as a testament to his storytelling prowess, making him a household name.

Born on December 29, 1917, in Lahore, Ramanand Sagar’s original name was Chandramouli Chopra. Orphaned at the age of five, he was adopted by his childless maternal uncle, who subsequently changed his name to Ramanand Sagar. Raised in challenging circumstances, Sagar’s childhood was marked by struggles, including odd jobs like selling soap, working as a helper in a goldsmith’s shop, and serving as a peon to make ends meet.

Despite the hardships, Sagar had an innate passion for reading and writing. Driven by his love for literature, he worked tirelessly, channeling his earnings into his education. His early career included roles as a clapper boy in films and an assistant stage manager at Prithvi Theatre. Notably, he contributed to the story and screenplay of Raj Kapoor’s film “Barsaat.”

Sagar earned acclaim as a writer, penning 32 short stories, four novellas, one novel, and two plays. His editorial role at the well-known newspaper Daily Milap in Punjab marked the beginning of his recognition. The 1968 film “Ankhen” brought him the Best Director Award, highlighting his talent in the film industry.

However, Sagar’s most significant impact came with his foray into television. In 1987, he produced “Ramayana,” a TV series that achieved unprecedented popularity and made him a global sensation. The show’s success catapulted Sagar to new heights, and he continued to create other beloved shows such as “Luv Kush,” “Alif Laila,” “Shri Krishna,” “Sai Baba,” and “Jai Ganga Maiya.”

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Ramanand Sagar’s contributions to the world of entertainment endure as a legacy, and his work remains a source of inspiration and admiration for audiences worldwide. His ability to weave compelling narratives and bring mythology to life on screen has left an indomitable imprint on Indian television.