Reshma Kewalramani, a doctor and researcher by profession, never aspired to be a CEO. However, she defied gender barriers and emerged as the head of one of the largest biotech companies globally.

In the realm of female CEOs, Reshma Kewalramani, hailing from Mumbai, is a pioneering figure in her field. This accomplished doctor and researcher made history in 2020 by becoming the first woman to assume the role of CEO in a prominent biotech firm, Vertex Pharmaceuticals.

Reshma’s journey began with her pursuit of medical and research training. While fully engrossed in treating patients, educating students, and conducting lab experiments, a life-altering phone call unexpectedly came her way.

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This call marked the commencement of her venture into the corporate domain. On the other end was the son of the department chair at the hospital where she worked, inquiring about her interest in a corporate position at the esteemed biotech company, Amgen.

Although a corporate career was not her initial preference, she decided to seize the opportunity. Subsequently, she embarked on a distinguished path, involving cutting-edge research and groundbreaking innovations within the biotech sector.

Reshma had never envisioned herself as a CEO, yet she shattered the invisible barrier that limited women’s advancement. Transitioning from a physician, she assumed a leadership position in a colossal industry giant, with a market capitalization exceeding Rs 740,000 crore (equivalent to over $90 billion).