Sanjith Konda House, an 18-year-old from Bengaluru, India, took a bold step by leaving his studies in Australia to pursue his entrepreneurial dream. Leaving behind his bachelor’s degree in business studies at La Trobe University’s Bundoora Campus in Melbourne, Sanjith ventured into the world of business, giving birth to the renowned “Dropout Chaiwala” brand.

Sanjith’s journey began with an audacious decision to leave college during his fifth semester and start his own tea company. Raised in an environment that encouraged independence and responsibility, Sanjith was instilled with courage by his homemaker mother and mechanical engineer father, who worked for a Saudi Arabian oil company. With a modest initial investment of $25,000, Sanjith, along with his friend Asar Ahmed Syed and two college seniors named Preetam Akula and Arun P. Singh, launched the first “Dropout Chaiwala” outlet on Elizabeth Street. Initially offering five types of chai, the venture quickly gained popularity among students and office-goers.

Dropout Chaiwala: The Beginning

Despite a slow start, Sanjith’s determination propelled the business forward. By March, a mobile chai truck was introduced, catering to academic events, festivals, and weddings. In a significant milestone for the company’s growth, they opened a third store on La Trobe Street in August. Under Sanjith’s direction and with the dedication of a committed team, including Apoorva Singla, an Indian student managing the Elizabeth store, the menu expanded to include light snacks. Within a year, the business achieved remarkable success, amassing AUD 1 million in sales and providing employment to 40 individuals.

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Risky Action Paid Off

Now 22 years old, Sanjith has found a balance between his passion for sports, including CrossFit, swimming, and climbing, and his thriving business career. His inspiring journey showcases the entrepreneurial spirit, persistence, and the importance of daring to dream. The story of Sanjith Konda House and Dropout Chaiwala serves as a prime example of success through unconventional paths, challenging the notion that formal education is the sole route to financial prosperity or billionaire status.

Sanjith’s incredible achievements demonstrate that passion and determination can pave the way for extraordinary success, proving that sometimes, taking a risk can lead to remarkable rewards. Dropout Chaiwala stands tall today as a testament to the power of entrepreneurship and the willingness to defy conventional norms.