The duo known as the ‘Two Brothers’ made their way back to their village in Pune with a firm commitment to embrace farming as their sole occupation.

In this article, we will introduce you to Satyajit Hange and Ajinka Hange, two brothers hailing from Pune, who embarked on a remarkable journey of leaving behind their lucrative careers to pursue a life as farmers. While tales of accomplished entrepreneurs and individuals leaving prestigious positions to establish their own ventures or prepare for civil service exams like UPSC are commonly shared, the story of these two brothers devoting themselves to agriculture stands out.

In 2014, Satyajit Hange and Ajinka Hange, known as the ‘Two Brothers,’ established their organic farm named ‘Two Brothers Organic Farm’ (TBOF) in Bhodani village near Pune. Having returned to their hometown, they wholeheartedly embraced farming as their full-time occupation, leaving behind their lucrative positions in the banking sector. Despite their prior careers, the brothers dedicated themselves to the agricultural venture.

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Ajinkya, who holds a computer science degree and an MBA from Indira College Pune, spent nearly four years working in prominent banks such as HDFC and HSBC. At the age of 39, he assumes responsibility for overseeing the farm’s day-to-day operations. Impressively, the farm has reportedly achieved an annual turnover of Rs 12 crore.

Satyajit, aged 42, complements his brother’s expertise with a background in Economics and an MBA. He too has an extensive career in the banking sector, having worked for a decade with renowned companies like Kotak Life Insurance, Citicorp Finance, and DBS. Together with his younger brother Ajinkya, Satyajit plays a vital role in overseeing the farm’s operations.

At ‘Two Brothers Organic Farm’ (TBOF), the brothers prioritize the production of naturally processed traditional Indian foods, employing minimal or no machinery in their processes. Their wide range of organic products, including laddoos, ghee, peanut butter, groundnut oil, and traditional wheat flour, can be conveniently purchased online through their website as well as on Amazon. TBOF has successfully created a platform for individuals seeking authentic and wholesome organic goods.