MS Dhoni operates a multi-crore company and has appointed Sheila Singh, who happens to be his mother-in-law, as the CEO. This unique arrangement adds an intriguing aspect to their professional relationship.

Mahendra Singh Dhoni, the captain of the Chennai Super Kings, garnered significant attention recently due to speculation about his retirement from the IPL and potentially concluding his cricketing career altogether. Nevertheless, Dhoni remains the owner of a substantial business empire valued in crores, and one of his enterprises is overseen by Sheila Singh.

Sheila Singh holds the position of Chief Executive Officer (CEO) at Dhoni Entertainment Limited, the production house owned by MS Dhoni. This multi-crore business venture has a notable aspect: Sheila Singh is not only the mother of Sakshi Singh Dhoni but also the mother-in-law of MS Dhoni himself.

When it came to expanding his business empire, the captain of the Chennai Super Kings chose to keep it within the family. Both Sakshi Dhoni and her mother, Sheila Singh, have been leading Dhoni Entertainment Private Limited since 2020, serving as CEOs for the company.

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Sheila Singh has taken on her first role as the head of a company, and alongside her daughter, she has led MS Dhoni’s production house to unprecedented heights. The company has expanded its reach, accumulating a multimillion-dollar foundation and delivering new projects.

During the early stages of MS Dhoni’s career at Kanoi Group’s ‘Binaguri Tea Company,’ Sheila Singh’s husband, RK Singh, worked alongside Dhoni’s father, Pan Singh Dhoni. Meanwhile, Sheila Singh dedicated her time to being a homemaker, taking care of the household and their children.

According to media reports, under the leadership of Sheila Singh and Sakshi Dhoni, Dhoni Entertainment Private Limited has achieved a remarkable net worth of over Rs 800 crore in the span of four years. Sakshi Dhoni presently holds the largest share in MS Dhoni’s production house.

Dhoni Entertainment is among several companies and business ventures established by the former Indian captain, contributing to his overall net worth of Rs 1,030 crore.