The UPSC Civil Services Exam is one of the toughest exams out there. People often say you should have a backup plan if you don’t pass. Today, let’s talk about Sonal Goel, an IAS officer. She’s from Panipat in Haryana. Her father told her to have a backup plan in case she didn’t pass the UPSC exam.

But guess what?

She did well and got 13th place in all of India on her second try!

Sonal went to school in Delhi even though she’s from Panipat. After school, she got a CS degree from Delhi University, studying at Shriram College of Commerce.

Sonal decided she wanted to be an IAS officer after reading about it in a magazine. She didn’t even know about the UPSC exam before that! She told her family about her dream, but her dad was worried because the exam was so hard. He said she should have another plan just in case.

Even though Sonal started studying law at Delhi University, she still wanted to take the UPSC exam. She studied hard while also working as a secretary at a company.

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2006 Sonal failed her first UPSC exam, even though she was studying law and working. But she didn’t give up. She tried again in 2007 and did amazingly well, getting 13th place in India and becoming an IAS officer.