In the quest for success, many people leave their home country and go to foreign lands, dreaming of a life in big cities with high salaries. Sridhar Vembu did the opposite. He left a well-paying job in the United States to come back to India, proving that success can be found in unexpected and unexplored places.

Sridhar, who comes from a middle-class family in Tamil Nadu, studied the Tamil language during his early education. After finishing his electrical engineering degree from IIT Madras in 1989, he went to the United States for his Ph.D. After working at Qualcomm in San Diego for about two years, he made a bold decision to leave his job and return to India.

Leaving behind a comfortable life in the US surprised many, but Sridhar had a vision. In 1996, he and his brother founded a software development firm called AdventNet, which later became Zoho Corporation in 2009.

Instead of choosing a big city, he selected the Tenkasi district in Tamil Nadu for the office and turned an old factory in the Mathalamparai village into the company’s headquarters.

The decision to establish the Zoho office in Tenkasi brought a positive change to the district. According to NBT, by 2022, Zoho Corporation’s revenue had exceeded Rs 8,300 crores.

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Sridhar Vembu’s journey is a great example that success is not limited to where you work; it’s about determination and the will to create your own path, no matter where you are.