In recent years, job offers for students after finishing their studies in India have been increasing. Both people who finished their basic degree and those who did extra studies after that are getting better job offers. It’s not just the top colleges like IITs and IIMs where this is happening. 

A good example is Rashi Bagga, who studied BTech at the International Institute of Information Technology Naya Raipur (IIIT-NR). She got a job offer for Rs 85 lakh every year, which is the highest anyone got from IIIT-NR in 2023.

Before this big offer, Rashi Bagga already had a good job offer from another company. But she wanted to check out more options, so she went for more job interviews and got this amazing offer.

The person in charge of media at IIIT said that Rashi was happy with the first job offer she got. It’s interesting because the same company chose Chinky Karda from IIIT-NR last year and gave her a job offer of Rs 57 lakh every year, which was the highest for her batch.

Yogesh Kumar, another student from IIIT-NR, got a job offer of Rs 56 lakh every year for a job as a software development engineer. He got the offer from a big company that works in lots of countries.

In 2020, Ravi Kushashwa, a student from IIIT-NR, got a job offer of Rs 1 Crore every year from a big company. But he couldn’t start the job because of the COVID-19 pandemic. 

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IIIT-NR’s placement office said that the average job offer for the current group of students is now Rs 16.5 lakh every year, and the middle job offer is Rs 13.6 lakh every year.