The UPSC, which stands for Union Public Service Commission, conducts a very tough exam to choose people for important government jobs. This exam is especially for civil services, like becoming an IAS officer. People spend many years preparing for this exam, but not everyone passes.

One person who did exceptionally well in this exam is Anshuman Raj. He managed to clear the UPSC exam in just one try. Anshuman’s success is because he planned well and worked very hard.

Anshuman Raj comes from a simple family in the Buxar district of Bihar. When he was in class 10, he used to study using a kerosene lamp because they didn’t have proper lights. Despite not having many resources, he was always a hard worker.

He finished class 12 from JNV Ranchi and class 10 from Jawahar Navodaya School. Anshuman faced financial difficulties, but he didn’t give up. Instead, he worked hard and became successful.

Even though he had already become an IRS officer in his earlier attempts, Anshuman wanted to be an IAS officer. So, he decided to take the UPSC exam again.

Anshuman Raj got the 107th rank in the 2019 UPSC Civil Services Examination. This means he performed well compared to many other candidates.

Anshuman’s story is inspiring because he came from a village, faced challenges, and still succeeded. His dedication and hard work paid off, showing that with determination, anyone can achieve their goals.