Many IIT and IIM graduates are leading big companies in India. Some also work abroad in places like the US and UK for better opportunities. But some choose to return to India for work. One such person is Ashish Bhandari, the Managing Director and CEO of Thermax Group. He studied at IIT Bombay and has been leading the company since September 2020.

Before joining Thermax, Bhandari worked as the Vice President for the India and South Asia region at Baker Hughes (formerly a GE company). He joined GE in 2005 in Houston, US, and worked there for 5 years. 

Later, he moved to Gurugram in 2011. His previous work includes experience with Schlumberger, consulting with McKinsey & Co., and working with two startups overseas.

Now, he heads Thermax, a company based in Pune that focuses on clean air, clean energy, and clean water. As of December 29, the company is valued at Rs 34,703 crores. Bhandari has a degree in Electrical Engineering (B Tech) from IIT Mumbai and an MBA from Duke University in the US.

During his 15 years at GE, Bhandari worked in various industrial sectors, including GE Enterprise Solutions, GE Energy, and GE Oil and Gas. He played a key role in strengthening existing businesses. 

He is recognized for growing GE Oil and Gas into one of GE’s major ventures in India and successfully merging Baker Hughes with GE Oil and Gas during a significant transition period.