Losing your job is tough. It can make you feel really bad. You might worry about money, feel unsure about yourself, and even feel pressure from society. Imagine opening an email from your company and finding out you’ve lost your job. That’s what happened to Mariana Kobayashi.

Mariana loved working at LinkedIn. It was her dream job. She felt so good working there. She applied for many jobs at LinkedIn before she got hired. Even though she got rejected many times, she didn’t give up. Finally, in 2022, she got a job there. She was so happy.

But then, in May 2023, she got an email saying she was fired. Mariana was shocked. She thought she was doing well. Losing her job made her feel bad. She lost confidence and felt like everything was ruined.

After some time, she decided to try again. She went on a trip and went for job interviews. She got a job at Google in Dublin. She gets paid much more than before. Now, Mariana works as an Account Executive at Google. She also makes content and speaks publicly. She helps people with their careers and personal brand.