The UPSC exam is tough to pass if you want to become an Indian IAS officer. To pass, you have to study hard for many hours. Every year, many people try to take the exam to become IAS, IFS, IPS, or IRS officers. But only a few of them pass because it’s so competitive. Today, we’ll talk about Dr. Mudita Sharma, who used to be a doctor but is now an Indian Defence Accounts Service officer. She got 381st place in the UPSC exam in 2022.

Mudita Sharma is from Merta in Rajasthan. Her mother is a housewife with a B.Ed., and her father, Bhagwati Lal Sharma, is the principal of a government school in Merta.

Mudita Sharma grew up in a family that valued education. Out of her five siblings, she was the most successful academically. She did well in her Class 10 exams in Rajasthan, coming 15th. She went to a local school until Class 8, and then to the Girls Higher Secondary School for Class 10. For Classes 11 and 12, she went to the government school.

After school, Mudita went to SN Medical College, Jodhpur, to study MBBS. She became a doctor and worked in a private hospital in Jaipur. However, because she always wanted to be an IAS officer, she left her job and focused on studying for the UPSC exam. She even worked as a junior doctor in Jaipur during the COVID-19 pandemic before returning to her studies in Delhi.

In 2022, all her hard work paid off, and she became an IAS officer, ranking 381st on her first attempt at the UPSC exam.

Mudita advises people who want to pass the UPSC exam to make a timetable and take mock tests during their preparation. She said in an interview, “Having a timetable for UPSC preparation is important. It helps us stay on track and see how well-prepared we are.

Mudita’s siblings are also doing great academically. Her older sister Madhubala and younger brother Chandrashekhar are dentists. Her other sister Vidya studied Civil Engineering and now works as an assistant manager in a bank in Jaipur. Youngest sister Ritu is studying MBBS in Kazakhstan.