The NEET exam is tough. It’s for students who want to become doctors. To join MBBS and BDS courses in colleges all over India, you need to pass the NEET exam.

Yamuna Chakradhari, from Durg in Chhattisgarh, did something amazing. Even though she worked six hours every day making bricks for her family, she managed to pass the super-hard NEET exam. Her hard work paid off.

Yamuna’s family works at a brick kiln because they don’t have much money. But Yamuna still found time to study, even with her tough job.

She got 516 marks out of 720 on her fourth try at the NEET exam. She never gave up, and now she’s ranked 93,683 in India and 42,864 among OBC students. Yamuna doesn’t just want to be a doctor; she wants to help her community by becoming an MD.

Her father, Baijnath Chakradhari, is happy. He promises to give Yamuna and her siblings, Vandana, Yukti, and Deepak, a good education for a better future. Even though Yamuna’s mother, Kusum, couldn’t go to school, she knows how big of a deal her daughter’s success is.

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Yamuna thanks Dr. Ashwani Chandrakar from Utai for helping her. Now she’s even more determined to become a doctor and help her community. Yamuna’s story teaches us that if we keep trying and working hard, we can succeed no matter what.