Sudip Kundu, a compassionate individual from Dhubri, Assam, is on a mission to deliver the life-saving message that “a drop of blood can save a life.” His tireless efforts to donate blood and raise awareness about the significance of blood donation have taken him through eight Indian states.

Having donated blood over fifty times, Sudip Kundu is not only promoting the noble act of giving blood but is also actively working to dispel myths surrounding blood donation. He is disheartened by the fact that a significant 80% of people in our nation remain unaware of their blood type, despite the dire need for blood in medical emergencies.

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Kundu’s journey of compassion has led him to Assam, Meghalaya, Nagaland, West Bengal, Bihar, Odisha, New Delhi, Rajasthan, and beyond. During his travels, he not only donates blood but also educates people about the critical impact of blood donation in saving lives.

In a unique approach to championing the cause, Kundu and his team have successfully debunked misconceptions that blood donation leads to prolonged recovery or health issues for donors. Their efforts through education, lectures, and public engagements have encouraged more people to come forward and contribute to this life-saving endeavor.

Through “The Humanity,” a chain founded by Kundu, individuals from across India and neighboring Bangladesh unite to ensure that voluntary blood donations are readily available for those in need, thus saving countless lives.

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Speaking to India Today NE, Kundu proudly stated, “Through ‘The Humanity,’ which is like a family to us, our volunteers have voluntarily donated more than ten thousand units of blood not only in India but also in our neighboring country, Bangladesh.”