Many actors have shown their skills in both good and bad roles. One such actor, who became famous as both the good guy and the bad guy, competed with big stars like Amitabh Bachchan and Chiranjeevi and also had troubles in real life.

The actor we’re talking about was very famous in Telugu movies during the 1980s and 1990s. In almost 50 years of acting, he’s been in over 700 movies in 10 languages. His name is Suman.

Suman was born in a Tulu-speaking family in Madras, which is now in Tamil Nadu. He went to The Besant Theosophical High School, Chennai, and got a B.A. in English Literature. Suman also learned music and Sanskrit from H.A.S. Shastri.

He started his acting career in 1978 with the movie Karunai Ullam. By the early 80s, he was one of the most popular young heroes in romantic movies in Tamil and Telugu. In the mid-80s, Suman was paid Rs 5 lakh per movie, which was more than what Chiranjeevi, Rajinikanth, and Amitabh Bachchan got back then.

Movies like Tharangini (1982), Neti Bharatam (1983), and Sitaara (1984) made him a big actor in South Indian cinema. But in 1988, he got into a legal problem.

Three young women accused him of kidnapping and rape. They said he also filmed them doing bad things without their permission, and the police found bad CDs at his home. He was put in jail for a long time and said he was tortured. After that, nobody wanted to work with him.

After a long time without work, Suman came back in the 2000s as a bad guy in Rajinikanth’s movie Sivaji: The Boss. He played bad guys in other hit movies too.

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Before his first Bollywood movie, Gabbar Is Back with Akshay Kumar, Suman acted in many Tamil, Telugu, and Malayalam movies in small roles. He’s also a politician. His last movie was Varisu, which also had Thalapthy Vijay in it.