A special group led by Prime Minister Narendra Modi is expected to meet on March 15. They must choose a new election commissioner since the old one, Anup Chandra Pandey, retired in February.

Arun Goel, who was supposed to help with elections, quit his job just before they were about to announce when the next elections would happen. Now, the Election Commission only has one person left, Rajiv Kumar.

In December, Parliament made a new rule about how they choose the Chief Election Commissioner (CEC) and other election commissioners. They made two groups to help choose them.

One group looks for candidates, and the other picks the final person. The Prime Minister leads the second group. They can choose someone who wasn’t on the first group’s list. Finally, the President has to agree to whoever they choose.

A big leader from the Congress party, Adhir Ranjan Chowdhury, was asked to come to the meeting on March 15. This happened just before Arun Goel said he was leaving his job. But Chowdhury’s invitation was only to fill the job that Pandey left.

The Law Minister, Arjun Ram Meghwal, didn’t want to talk about when the meeting is or what they’ll talk about.

A person who knows a lot about the law, Alok Prasanna, said that according to the rules, there should always be at least one election commissioner. Before 1990, only one person was doing this job. The actual work of elections happens with help from many people at different government levels.

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But can they choose a new election commissioner after they’ve already said when the elections will be?

Yes, they can. There’s no rule against it. The only thing they can’t do is pick someone just to help their party win. Choosing an election commissioner follows all the right rules, so they can do it whenever they need to.