Popular actor Sunny Hinduja, also known as Sandeep Bhaiya, has garnered immense admiration for his remarkable portrayal of a mentor in various roles. With his exceptional talent, he has amassed a huge fan base in the industry.

Sunny Hinduja’s renowned show, “Sandeep Bhaiya,” directed by Parijat Joshi, features Deepali Gautam, Punit Tiwari, Rajendra Gupta, and Abhinav Anand in significant roles.

In an exclusive interview with DNA, Sunny Hinduja reminisced about his childhood, emphasizing that he was a dedicated student. Reflecting on his formative years, Sunny shared, “My father was deeply concerned about my education, and my elder brother has been my role model since childhood. He has always been protective of me. They instilled in me the value of education and told me to focus on my studies. The good part is, I learned dedication from my father, positivity from my mother, and patience from my brother, whose name is also Deeraj.”

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“I learned that whatever you do, do it with complete dedication. So during my studies, I remained focused and became a good student. In the 3rd standard, I aspired to become an engineer, inspired by my father who was an engineer at that time. Engineers and doctors were rare back then, and I chose engineering,” he added.

Speaking of his school friend, Sunny fondly mentioned Varun Chauhan, who was a close companion during their 7th standard. During their IIT preparations, they stayed together in Indore. After completing their 12th standard, they reunited in Pune, where Sunny pursued acting while Varun prepared for UPSC.

Sunny expressed his gratitude for having a friend like Varun, stating, “He is a judge now, and we still talk. Varun watches my performances multiple times and provides honest feedback. I consider myself fortunate to have such a great friend with whom I shared my dream of becoming an actor for the first time.”

When asked if fans reach out to him on social media about their problems, Sunny replied, “Yes, they do sometimes. They ask me for advice on UPSC exams or share their personal troubles with parents.” He mentioned that he tries to respond and consoles them, sending heart emojis when he is unsure of what to say.

On the professional front, Sunny Hinduja, who recently gained acclaim for his role in “Sandeep Bhaiya,” has two exciting projects in the pipeline. He will be seen in “Aspirant 2” and Yash Raj Films’ first web series, “The Railway Men.” Additionally, there are a few unannounced projects awaiting him.