Failures can serve as stepping stones toward achieving greater success, as exemplified by Sushil Singh. SSR Techvision, a BPO offering customer service; Deebaco, a prominent B2C online fashion store; and Saiva System Inc., an international IT services firm and nonprofit organization, stand as the enterprises.

Sushil Singh, a dropout from Jaunpur district in Uttar Pradesh, has become a millionaire technopreneur and the founder of three profitable businesses and a nonprofit organization. Sushil embarked on his career with a monthly salary of Rs. 11,000 and presently earns a six-figure income.

Who is Sushil Singh?

Sushil’s family, originating from a humble background, relocated from a village in Jaunpur district to Mumbai in search of job opportunities. While his mother managed the household, his father worked as a bank security guard. They resided in a chawl in Dombivali, a township outside Mumbai.

Sushil completed his education at a Hindi-medium school catering to low-income families, operated by the Kalyan Dombivli Municipal Corporation. Sushil stated that his academic performance was “quite good” until Class 10. However, during high school, his interest in learning waned. As per The Better India, Sushil faced failure in his Class 12 board exams on the first attempt but succeeded the following year.

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After completing the eighth grade, Sushil enrolled at Allahabad University to pursue a bachelor’s degree in computer science. However, due to a failing grade in mathematics, he dropped out in 2003 during his second year. In 2015, upon completing his polytechnic coursework, Sushil joined a company as an entry-level telecaller and sales executive, earning a monthly salary of Rs. 11,000.

Sushil initially encountered Sarita Rawat Singh in November 2013 when she worked as a software engineer. They later married and together established SSR Techvision in Noida as a customer service BPO in collaboration with a US-based company. Within a span of three to four months, they acquired a co-working space in Noida by working with businesses based in the US.

Sushil emphasizes that after 2.5 years, the company decided to purchase the entire building in Noida. Their second venture, Deebaco, operates as a global online clothing store serving B2C customers. However, Sarita primarily oversees this business, even though both function from the same facility in Noida as SSR Techvision.

More recently, they launched their third enterprise, Saiva System Inc., founded by Sushil in 2019. It is a multinational IT consulting firm that aids businesses in finding the most suitable candidates for their specific job profiles. They have established themselves as a leading employment agency for businesses in both the US and India.