The CEO of a Mumbai-based company expressed surprise when he discovered that auto drivers in Bengaluru do not adhere to metered fares. Mandar Natekar, the co-founder and CEO of NeuralGarage, had a brief 500-meter ride in the city and was charged Rs 100, leading him to share his experience on social media.

Taking to his social media account, Natekar posted a picture of the auto’s meter and humorously called it the “most ornamental thing in Bengaluru” due to its infrequent usage. He contrasted the fare he paid in Bengaluru with Mumbai, where Rs 100 typically covers a distance of approximately 9 kilometers.

TVF president Vijay Koshy chimed in on Natekar’s post, stating that similar practices are prevalent in most cities outside Mumbai, with Chennai being particularly notorious for its auto rides.

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Reacting to the comments, Natekar expressed his disbelief at the situation and remarked that such practices seem far from legitimate, yet nobody seems to take action.

Natekar’s post gained widespread attention and sparked discussions on the varying practices in different cities. People shared their own perspectives, with some pointing out that fares might be higher for individuals from other cities.

In response to the incident, there were sarcastic comments as well. Some jokingly advised Natekar to give generous appraisals to his employees and refrain from setting strict timing rules. Others quipped that he was fortunate to even find an auto in Bengaluru, given that auto drivers there sometimes refuse passengers.

This incident highlights the differences in auto fare practices among various Indian cities, with Mumbai being known for its adherence to metered fares in auto rickshaws.