Niranjan Kumar, son of Arvind Kumar from Nawada district in Bihar, has achieved the remarkable 535th position in the UPSC examination. Let’s delve into his inspiring journey.

Obstacles are an essential component of the path to success, as many individuals acquire education through challenges before ultimately achieving their goals. Niranjan Kumar exemplifies this, as he persevered and remained committed to his objectives even after successfully clearing the UPSC examination on his first attempt.

Niranjan Kumar, hailing from Nawada district in Bihar, secured the 535th position in the UPSC examination. However, this achievement did not come easy, as it was not his first attempt at the UPSC test. Let’s explore how he pursued his goal of becoming an IAS officer and the steps he took to accomplish it.

Niranjan Kumar, originally from Nawada district in Bihar, cleared the UPSC examination in 2026, securing an impressive All India Rank (AIR) of 728 and securing a job as an IRS officer. Despite this accomplishment, his desire to strive further persisted. Finally, he fulfilled his aspiration of becoming an IAS officer by achieving an outstanding AIR of 535.

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In 2004, Niranjan completed his graduation from Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalaya Rewar Nawada. Subsequently, in 2006, he obtained his intermediate degree from Science College Patna. Building upon his academic journey, he pursued higher education at an IIT and secured a position as an assistant manager at Coal India Limited in Dhanbad. Balancing his job responsibilities, he dedicated himself to studying for the UPSC examinations.

From his modest background, Niranjan nurtured a dream of attaining such a position. Unfortunately, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, his father, Arvind Kumar, had to close down his tobacco store, which he had owned before. Moreover, his father’s deteriorating health prevented him from reopening the business.

However, Niranjan’s remarkable feat of securing a higher rank on his second attempt brought immense joy to his parents. Throughout his journey, his family provided unwavering support, ensuring he never lost focus and persevered despite the challenges he faced.