Varun Sarda, the fiancé of Krishna Bhatt, daughter of filmmaker Vikram Bhatt, is a businessman and the founder of WTFares, a renowned holiday planning engine known for its exceptional speed.

Krishna Bhatt, the daughter of Vikram Bhatt, is preparing to marry her beloved partner, Varun Sarda. The couple will exchange vows on Sunday, June 11th, in an intimate private ceremony.

Varun is an entrepreneur who founded WTFares, a cutting-edge holiday planning engine known for its unparalleled speed and efficiency.

1. BITS’ mechanical engineering

Varun Sarda is a graduate of the 2010 mechanical engineering batch from BITS (Birla Institute of Technology and Science).

2. First start up

In 2010, Varun Sarda embarked on an entrepreneurial journey with four of his college friends. Together, they launched a student tabloid called TILT (The iLike Times).

3. Family business

However, Varun’s father desired him to join the family business. According to YourStory, Vedant, “I have always believed that merely inheriting a business from your father should not be a hasty decision unless you have demonstrated genuine interest and proven your competence. By doing so, you skip a crucial phase of discovering your true calling in life!”

“Moreover, during 2012 and 2013, e-commerce was a booming industry,” he remarked.

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4. WTFares

Vedant, who is now the founder of WTFares, shared an unfortunate incident where a well-known online travel company completely ruined his trip. He explained, “They provided us with a hotel that didn’t even exist, and their inability to resolve the issue was frustrating. It was their poor customer service attitude that compelled me to voice my concerns on Facebook, and that’s when I had my ‘eureka’ moment!”

“That’s when I made a commitment to enter the realm of travel e-commerce and provide exceptional service. At that time, my knowledge of the travel industry was limited. Consequently, I decided to become a travel agent to grasp the business model and its intricacies before transitioning it to an online platform,” he explained.

That’s how Varun founded WTFares. According to reports, he initiated the company with an initial investment of Rs 6 lakh, and it has now grown to achieve a turnover of Rs 20 crore.

5. Social media presence

Meanwhile, Vedant remains highly engaged on social media, boasting a following of over 800 individuals. He frequently shares photos and videos featuring Krishna Bhatt on his Instagram account.