Vishwadeep Bajaj, also known as Vish Bajaj, has had an intriguing life. Born in Gwalior, he initially aspired to become an engineer or a doctor, but was unable to pass the entrance exams. Instead, he pursued MCA and excelled, earning top honors in his class. He began his career with CMC Limited, a prominent IT company at the time, and eventually founded his own software development firm.

In addition, he established a stock broking firm and experienced significant financial success during a bullish market. However, when the Harshad Mehta scam rocked the market in 1992, he went bankrupt. Despite this setback, he refused to give up and worked tirelessly to rebuild his life from scratch. Fast forward to 2023, and he is now the celebrated co-founder and CEO of a Gurgaon-based firm that generated over Rs 500 crore in operational revenue during the last financial year.

Following a significant loss, Vish Bajaj joined Siemens where he focused on developing telecom software. He went on to found another company in Europe, but unfortunately experienced yet another setback when his business was impacted by the dotcom bust of the late 1990s, which was out of his control.

In 2003, Vish Bajaj co-founded a company named ValueFirst, which was established during India’s telecom revolution driven by Reliance. Initially, the company began its operations by facilitating business communication through SMS messages. As time progressed, ValueFirst expanded its services to include the delivery of messages through telecom channels such as voice calls, chatbots, emails, and over-the-top (OTT) channels. Today, the company boasts a client base of 2500, which includes major players such as Google, Tata Motors, and P&G. Furthermore, the company has recently added WhatsApp to its list of service offerings.

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ValueFirst facilitates the sale of billions of messages from companies to their customers, including delivery status updates, account detail alerts, and marketing communications.

According to VCC Edge, ValueFirst earned a profit of Rs 13.4 crore during the 2018-2019 fiscal year, while its net sales amounted to Rs 469 crore.

According to Toffler, ValueFirst achieved a turnover of over Rs 500 crore during the fiscal year 2021-2022. In addition, the company’s net worth experienced an 8.78 percent increase, while its EBITDA surged by an impressive 229.66 percent.

According to his LinkedIn profile, Vish Bajaj has a successful track record of more than 30 years in the IT and Telecoms industry across India, Germany, and the UK. He possesses significant expertise in delivering new and cutting-edge technology solutions for both blue chip and start-up organizations. Moreover, he has excellent customer-facing skills, exceptional leadership abilities, and is well-organized with strong presentation skills and enthusiasm. Bajaj’s management style is facilitative and he has the ability to communicate effectively at all levels. Furthermore, he applies spiritual practices in the workplace.

Twilio has acquired ValueFirst for an undisclosed amount.