Movies and OTT series, such as “12th Fail” and “Aspirants,” vividly portray the experiences of numerous individuals who make the bold decision to forsake their current lives and immerse themselves completely in the rigorous preparation for the UPSC exam. If you believe that these narratives are merely works of fiction, you’re mistaken. In truth, real people willingly abandon lucrative employment opportunities to dedicate themselves to the demanding process of preparing for the IAS exam.

A compelling example is the story of Vishakha Yadav, a Delhi native. Following her completion of school, Vishakha gained admission to Delhi Technological University (DTU), an esteemed institution for engineering studies in India. 

Subsequently, she received a job offer from the reputable company Cisco. Despite thriving in her professional life in Bengaluru and enjoying financial success, Vishakha felt an inner calling to pursue a career as an IAS officer.

After a considerable stint in the corporate world, Vishakha made the courageous decision to resign from her job and channel all her time and energy into preparing for the UPSC exam. Following two unsuccessful attempts, she eventually triumphed on her third try in 2019. 

Vishakha not only successfully passed the exam but also achieved an impressive All India Rank (AIR) 6. Her total score amounted to 1046 out of 2025, with her chosen optional subject being Political Science and International Relations (PSIR). The journey of IAS Vishakha Yadav stands as a beacon of inspiration for aspirants tirelessly studying day and night, illustrating the rewards of perseverance and dedication in the pursuit of one’s goals.