Many people in India dream of becoming IAS or IPS officers. Many students take the UPSC exam each year, but only a few pass and get into civil services. Some students work hard but still need help passing the tough exam. They might lose hope. But some keep trying and finally pass. This is the story of Vishal Narwade, who failed the UPSC exam five times in a row.

Narwade is from Latur district in Maharashtra. He wanted to become an IAS officer while studying Electronics and Communication Engineering at Jabalpur IIT. But it wasn’t easy.

Even after failing five times, Narwade didn’t give up. He worked hard. First, he became an IPS officer in UPSC 2016. Then, he became an IAS officer in UPSC 2019. After years of effort, he ranked 91st on his sixth attempt.

Narwade’s story inspires many who give up after failing once or twice. He advises UPSC aspirants not to compare themselves with others. Everyone is different. He says believing in oneself and working hard with available resources is important. Also, it’s crucial not to keep changing study materials. Stick to a plan and keep going.