Ollie Pope played amazingly for England in the cricket match. He scored 196 runs by hitting the ball in unusual ways like sweeps and reverse sweeps. India’s coach, Rahul Dravid, admitted they need to find ways to stop him from scoring so much.

Pope’s score helped England win the match against India by 28 runs, even though India was ahead by 190 runs before England’s second innings. India has only lost once after having such a big lead, and that was against Sri Lanka in 2015.

Dravid praised Pope for his unique shots, especially the reverse sweep. He said it’s not easy to play like that against good bowlers like Ashwin and Jadeja. Although India’s spinners struggled against Pope, Dravid believes they will bounce back. He wants them to be more disciplined in their bowling.

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Jadeja got injured during the match, and Dravid said they would check on him before the next match. Dravid wants India to come up with a plan to stop Pope from scoring so many runs in the next match, which starts on February 2.