Vivek Kulkarni’s journey from being an IAS officer to the founder of Brickwork India is an inspiring tale of career transition and entrepreneurial success.

Born in 1957, Kulkarni earned his mechanical engineering degree from Karnataka University. His foray into the civil services began when he successfully cleared the UPSC exam in 1983, leading to his appointment as an IAS officer. During his initial years of service, he served as the IAS Probationer in Mangalore, Karnataka.

After dedicating nearly 22 years to civil services, Kulkarni decided to take a different path. In 1991, he pursued an MBA from the University of Pennsylvania, showcasing his commitment to continuous learning and personal growth.

Upon returning to India, Kulkarni served in various capacities within the Karnataka government. He held the position of Finance Secretary until 2000 and later served as the IT Secretary for four years.

In a bold move that demonstrated his entrepreneurial spirit, Kulkarni decided to leave the secure environment of government service in 2003. Alongside his wife, Sangeeta, he founded Brickwork India in September of that year. This venture, a knowledge process outsourcing firm, specializes in providing virtual assistance to global companies.

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The decision to leave the stability of a government job after more than two decades to embark on an entrepreneurial journey reflects Kulkarni’s determination and confidence in his abilities. Brickwork India, under his leadership, flourished as a provider of virtual assistance services, showcasing the success that can come from taking calculated risks and pursuing one’s passion.

Vivek Kulkarni’s story serves as a testament to the idea that career transitions, even from esteemed positions like an IAS officer, are possible with vision, determination, and the courage to pursue one’s dreams.