Chinese businessman Zhang Liguo, the founder of the skincare brand Fuerjia, recently achieved billionaire status following the listing of Fuerjia on China’s Shenzhen Stock Exchange a few days ago. At 59 years old, Zhang’s dedication and efforts have resulted in a remarkable fortune of USD 2.8 billion (approximately Rs 24,000 crore) from the sales of Rs 250 facial masks. According to Forbes, Zhang holds an 84% stake in Fuerjia.

Headquartered in Harbin, Fuerjia successfully raised USD 306 million in an IPO on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange just two days ago. Zhang’s remarkable journey toward success began as a pharmacist in a hospital, followed by his stint at Hapharm Group. In 1996, he took the courageous step of becoming an entrepreneur, which eventually paved the way for his extraordinary achievements.

While initially focusing on injection-based medical treatments for various infections, Zhang shifted his attention to skincare products in 2012. In 2014, Fuerjia launched its first facial mask, which quickly gained popularity. These facial masks, priced at around USD 3 each, contributed significantly to the company’s success. Last year, Fuerjia achieved a remarkable sales figure of USD 246 million, with a net profit of USD 118 million.

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Building upon this success, Zhang launched a new skincare line called Huihuxi in 2021, further expanding his influence in the industry. Fuerjia’s growth hasn’t gone unnoticed, as it faces tough competition from rival brands such as Giant Biogene owned by billionaire Fan Daidi and Bloomage Biotechnology, founded by Zhao Yan.

Zhang Liguo’s journey from a pharmacist to a skincare industry billionaire is a testament to his vision and determination. His ability to tap into the potential of skin care products has not only made him a billionaire but also solidified Fuerjia’s position in the market. As the brand continues to thrive, it will be exciting to witness how Zhang’s entrepreneurial spirit shapes the future of the skincare industry.