In a significant development following the Supreme Court’s verdict on Article 370, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has taken to social media to express his perspective on the decision, coining a new slogan, #NayaJammuKashmir. The Supreme Court’s ruling on the abrogation of Article 370, a historic and contentious move that took place in 2019, has been met with various reactions from political leaders and the public.

Prime Minister Modi, in his tweet, hailed the Supreme Court’s decision as a “ray of hope” for Jammu and Kashmir. The use of the hashtag #NayaJammuKashmir suggests a renewed focus on the region’s development and a fresh approach to its socio-political landscape. The Prime Minister’s tweet underscores the importance of the Supreme Court’s judgment in shaping the future trajectory of Jammu and Kashmir.

The Supreme Court’s verdict on Article 370, a constitutional provision that granted special autonomy to Jammu and Kashmir, has been a subject of intense debate since its abrogation in August 2019. The move led to the reorganization of the region into two separate union territories – Jammu & Kashmir and Ladakh.

Additionally, Home Minister Amit Shah has also taken to Twitter to share his thoughts on the Supreme Court’s decision. His tweets reflect the government’s commitment to the welfare and development of Jammu and Kashmir, emphasizing the significance of inclusive growth and prosperity for the region.

The use of social media by political leaders to communicate their perspectives on crucial decisions has become a common practice in today’s digital age. The introduction of the hashtag #NayaJammuKashmir by Prime Minister Modi signifies an effort to encapsulate the essence of the Supreme Court’s verdict in a succinct and impactful manner, inviting public discourse and engagement on this consequential issue.

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As the political landscape continues to evolve in the aftermath of the Supreme Court’s judgment, the slogan #NayaJammuKashmir may well become a focal point for discussions surrounding the region’s future, echoing the aspirations for positive transformation and development in Jammu and Kashmir.