Farmers are Marching to Delhi: Why?

Farmers are protesting in Delhi because they want the government to promise a minimum support price for their crops. They’ve been having talks with government ministers, but nothing has been decided. Now, they’re marching to Delhi to make their demands stronger.

Why Are Farmers Protesting?

Farmers want the government to guarantee a minimum price for their crops. They also want other things like the Swaminathan Commission’s suggestions and help with their debts.

Traffic Troubles in Delhi

  • Traffic in Delhi-NCR was heavy because of barricades at the borders.
  • More checks at Noida’s borders made traffic worse.
  • Borders like Ghazipur, Singhu, and Tikri had long lines of traffic from early morning.
  • The Delhi airport warned about problems during the farmers’ march on February 13.

Delhi Metro Affected

  • Eight Delhi Metro stations closed some gates because of the farmers’ march.
  • Stations like Rajiv Chowk and Mandi House were affected.
  • Khan Market station closed one gate as a safety measure.
  • But other gates are still open for passengers.

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Updates on Farmers’ March

  • Farmers from Haryana, Punjab, and Uttar Pradesh are protesting in Delhi for a fair price for their crops.
  • Security is tight at Delhi’s borders with barricades to stop vehicles and keep the peace.
  • Police are taking precautions to avoid problems before the protest.
  • Lots of security and no internet or bulk SMS in some areas on February 13.