Meet Aditi Tripathi, a 10-year-old girl of Indian origin residing in Greenwich, South London, who has already explored an impressive 50 countries on her travel journey. What’s even more astounding is that she has managed to do so without missing a single day at school. Aditi’s parents, Deepak (43) and Avilasha (36), both accountants, have set a smart example by strategically balancing their daughter’s education with their passion for travel.

With an annual travel budget of around 20,000 pounds (approximately Rs 21 lakhs), the Tripathi family makes the most of school holidays and bank holidays for their adventures. They have covered a significant part of Europe, including Norway, the Netherlands, and Monaco, and have ventured to countries like Nepal, Singapore, and Thailand, among others.

The Tripathi family believes in nurturing Aditi’s curiosity and exposing her to diverse cultures, cuisines, and people from an early age. However, they have always prioritized her formal education and ensured that her travel experiences complement her learning journey.

To cut down on travel expenses, the family makes small sacrifices, such as avoiding eating out, owning a car, or spending on takeaways. They also save on commuting costs by working from home, which allows them to spend more time with their younger daughter, Advita.

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Aditi’s father, Deepak, expressed how their daughter’s inquisitive nature is piqued during their travels, particularly when encountering cultures in Nepal, India, and Thailand. They started traveling with Aditi when she was only three years old and attending school for two and a half days per week.

Notably, this young and energetic girl has even conquered three of the highest mountains in the UK—Snowdon, Scafell Pike, and Ben Nevis—with her adventurous spirit. When asked about her favorite places, Aditi mentioned Nepal, Georgia, and Armenia as the top three of her most exciting adventures.

Aditi encourages other children to travel, stating that it greatly helps with improving social skills. Her remarkable journey showcases the perfect balance between pursuing one’s passion and fulfilling academic responsibilities.