Arjun Kannabiran, a young mechanical engineering graduate from Veeravanallur, Tirunelveli district, Tamil Nadu, has taken an innovative entrepreneurial path with his startup, Crazy Coconut. Combining his family’s carpentry background and engineering knowledge, Arjun found a creative way to put coconut shells to good use. Crazy Coconut focuses on manufacturing a variety of coconut shell products and conducts training for college and school students through weekend workshops.

Arjun explained that many people usually discard coconut shells by burning them as waste. However, he believes that every part of the coconut tree, including the shells, holds immense potential. Inspired by his paternal uncle’s unique creations using coconut shells and driven by his mechanical engineering background, Arjun decided to pursue innovation in this field. He conducted thorough online research and brainstormed unique designs.

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To share his creations, Arjun initially posted them as WhatsApp status updates, which garnered attention across different social media platforms. Today, Crazy Coconut boasts over 400 satisfied customers, marking a successful journey for Arjun. However, he acknowledges that he has not reached his ultimate goal yet.

The recognition of Crazy Coconut’s work reached the Tirunelveli district collector, who encouraged the team and provided valuable ideas for growth. Now, the company aims to make its business more inclusive for women by involving them in self-improvement and self-help groups. Arjun plans to train these women’s groups and expand the venture’s reach in the next phase.

Additionally, Crazy Coconut actively organizes workshops for young minds to raise awareness about the importance of reducing plastic and creating a plastic-free society for future generations. Arjun Kannabiran is determined to continue his pursuit of transforming coconut shells into valuable products and contributing to a sustainable environment.