Anjilee Istwal is an established name in the fields of journalism and information anchoring in India. The 29th of December is the day Anchor Istwal was born in New Delhi. She is well-known for daily anchoring information on various renowned information channels, including Zee Information, Aaj Tak, NDTV, and many different media.

Her immediate family consists of her parents and her older brother, whose name is Asheesh Istwal. Following her undergraduate studies in biology at Hindu School, Delhi College, Anjilee Istwal earned her master’s degree in mass communication at the Symbiosis Institute of Mass Communication in Pune.

Anjilee Istwal likely is one of the new anchors who has gained the most notoriety. Since the beginning of 2003, she has been making appearances on NDTV. She was a daily host on the channel beginning in February 2001 and continuing into January 2003. She was an employee of Aaj Tak and the India Today Group. Capricorn is Anjilee Istwal’s zodiac sign, and she was born in India, so she has Indian nationality.

She hosts the weekly health show on NDTV 24X7 called ‘Fit Rahe India,’ a lifestyle TV show ‘Smart Shopper,’ and a tech show called ‘Cell Guru.’ She leads her role very efficiently and quite beautifully. She is the Co-founder of Adventure Women India.

Biography of Anjilee Istwal

Biography of Anjilee Istwal
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The 29th of December saw the arrival of Anjilee Istwal into the world. There is no information available regarding the year in which she was born. She was born into a Hindu family, but no information about her biological parents is available. Her older brother’s name is Asheesh Istwal, and she has one. Not a single piece of information is available regarding her upbringing or childhood. Her devoted followers have not yet uncovered this secret.

Anjilee Istwal is an extraordinarily skilled and hard-working information anchor who makes an effort to host accurate information. After receiving her Bachelor of Science degree in Mass Communication from Hindu School, Delhi College, she earned her Postgraduate degree in Mass Communication from Symbiosis Institute of Mass Communication, Pune. Previously, she attended Hindu School, Delhi College, earning her Bachelor of Science degree in Mass Communication.

Full NameAnjilee Istwal
ProfessionJournalist and News Anchor
AgeNot Known
Date of birth29th December
Mother TongueHindi
Birth placeNot Known
Mother’s NameNot Known
Father’s NameNot Known
Current AddressDelhi, India
Personal Details of Anjilee Istwal

Physical Stats

Not only is Anjilee Istwal a profound speaker, but she also possesses a beautiful personality and a very charming outlook on life. She is gifted with these qualities. Undoubtedly, a character of that caliber is the only way could ever produce such an influential voice.

Height in centimetres168cm.
Height in meter1.68m.
Height in feet and inches5 feet 6 inches.
Weight in pounds140 lbs.
Hair colourBlack
Eye colourBlack
Body typeOval
Physical Stats

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Early Life And Family

Anjilee Istwal was born in a Hindu family. There is no information available about the parents she was born to. She prefers to keep it private. There is also no information available about her upbringing and her early life. Anjilee never disclosed any information about her early life on and off the screen.

Anjilee Istwal did her Bachelor of Science in Mass Communication from Hindu School, Delhi College, and earned her Master of Arts in Mass Communication from the Symbiosis Institute of Mass Communication in Pune. Before this, she attended a Hindu School, Delhi College, where she obtained a Bachelor of Science in Mass Communication.

She is part of popular news stations like Zee Information, Aaj Tak, NDTV, and many other networks. Anjilee Istwal hosts the weekly health show “Fit Rahe India” on NDTV 24X7. She is also the host of the lifestyle show “Smart Shopper” and the technology show called “Cell Guru.”

SchoolNot Known
CollegeUniversity of Delhi/ Symbiosis College/Deutsche Welle Akademie
Educational QualificationNot Known
Father’s NameNot Known
Mother’s NameNot known
Family and Education Details

Anjilee Istwal Net Worth

Anjilee Istwal is estimated to have a net worth of INR 4 crore. She is estimated to draw a yearly salary of INR 12 lakhs.

Net worth In Dollars$0.5 million
Net worth In Indian RupeeINR 4 crore
Anjilee Istwal Net Worth

Family Background And Upbringing

Anjilee Istwal comes from a family that practices Hinduism. No information is available concerning the identities of her mother and father. She never discussed her childhood, on or off the television, and never revealed anything about her early life. She only has one sibling, and his name is Asheesh Istwal.

Master of Science in Botany from the highly regarded University of Delhi, where Anjilee Istwal studied and graduated. Her early childhood and the people he knew during that time are poorly understood. After that, she earned a master’s degree in mass communication from the Symbiosis Institute of Mass Communication in Pune in 2001. This was an essential step for her because it enabled her to enter the field of media journalism. Anjilee attended the Deutsche Welle Akademie in Germany in 2012 to participate in a crash course in digital communication and media/multimedia.

 Anjilee Istwal Career & Views

Anjilee Istwal is the host of several different television shows on NDTV 24X7, including the lifestyle show “Smart Shopper,” the technology show “Cell Guru,” and the weekly health show “Fit Rahe India.” She is part of an excellent group that discusses numerous facets of media journalism, and she has a magnificent viewpoint regarding these topics.

Her perspective is that Indian Journalism is performing admirably in its current role. The many news organizations each have their own perspectives, ideologies, and angles from which they report the news and manipulate it to fit their narrative. The people who are watching are responsible for sorting the information for themselves appropriately. Right now, the realm of journalism in India is developing at a rapid rate. In India, there are over 400 news stations, and the field of journalism has become highly competitive over Television Rating Points and advertisements in recent years.

According to Anjilee, there has been a significant shift in the news media, particularly since the introduction of digital print media. Now, people can be informed of every piece of news and every global event as it occurs. At this time, various media outlets are engaged in a tug-of-war to communicate their point of view to the general audience.

According to her, the media in each nation has its own unique set of priorities and aims. As a result of the fact that there is no issue about property, hunger, or malnutrition for western media outlets, these outlets attempt to mold the news according to their viewpoint. Since India faces these challenges, it should not be surprising that the media in India and the West have pretty different perspectives on the situation.

Anjilee Istwal Married Life

At this time, Anjilee Istwal does not have a husband. She never revealed any details about her previous relationships or even any information about the relationships she was now in. She disclosed this information in one of her interviews, saying that she is still looking for her “Mr. Perfect” and that if she finds him, she will try to marry him.

Favorite Things Of Anjilee Istwal

Anjilee Istwal is a serious fitness enthusiast who views swimming as the vehicle that would help her achieve her fitness goals. Anjilee has a strong passion for swimming. In addition, she has a passion for traveling; on her social media accounts, we can see her seeing the Kartarpur Corridor in Punjab and going to various tourist destinations with and without her journalism crew.

She likes to think of herself as an adventurer, and she enjoys learning about new cultures and seeing how other people view the wider world. She has her own YouTube channel, ‘Travel with Anjilee Istwal,’ to share her traveling experience with her admirers.

constantly pursued was photography. We can tell from her social media that she gave that picture her full attention before clicking the shutter button.

Anjilee feels a solid connection to animal companionship. It is clear from the picture she posts to Instagram that she adores dogs, and we know that because she has one of her own. Black and red are her two favorite colors, and she has a sweet tooth, especially for chocolate– dairy milk silk. Mangoes are her go-to fruit of choice.

FoodPrawns, Aloo Paratha
ColoursRed, Black
Favorite Things of Anjilee Istwal

Anjilee Istwal Awards

Anjilee Istwal is widely recognised for her outstanding abilities as a news anchor. Her ability to present the news thoroughly captivates the attention of her audience. Her report is presented in a very systematic and organised fashion, which is effective. People have no trouble understanding the true breadth of the problem. In journalism in Indian media, Anjilee rose to prominence and became a well-known anchor.

Anjilee’s knack for journalism and the captivating way she presents the news to the audience allow her to accomplish the job to the audience’s satisfaction reliably. Her no-nonsense approach to informing the general population garners a lot of admiration from those around her. She is so gifted with her abilities that she can quickly grab people’s attention by being an efficient news anchor in her shows. She has this ability since she is so brilliant with her capabilities.

Anjilee has not yet received her first prize, but the day she does is becoming closer all the time. She is a well-known character in journalism, and her work is highly regarded by members of the journalism community and members of the general public, who tune in to her show on their televisions regularly to learn about the most recent information.

Social Media Profiles

Anjilee Istwal has an active presence on the social media platforms Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube. In addition, she keeps up a travel blog for her followers called “Travel with Anjilee Istwal.” Not only is she stunningly gorgeous, but she also possesses a great deal of intelligence.

Her views, opinions, and posts have garnered enormous admiration from the general population. She has thousands of followers on these platforms, and her posts consistently attract a lot of attention from the users of those sites.



Anjilee joined Twitter in 2009. She is followed by a vast and varied assortment of people. Her supporters hold a great deal of respect for Anjilee’s opinions on topics such as governmental corruption, treatment of women in many parts of the world. Her viewpoint is quite unmistakable and unprejudiced. Many people admire Anjilee for the role she plays as a spokesperson for women working in journalism.

She brings up the concerns facing women in a very straightforward manner, and the women’s community on Twitter has been standing with her for a long time. She has a significant number of followers on Twitter, most of whom are female, and she also follows a number of well-known political activists, Cricketers, and feminist personalities, among others.


Anjilee is one of the most prominent critical voices in Indian media journalism. She is looked up to as an example to follow by a significant number of aspiring news anchors. This can also be observed on her Instagram profile, where she has many followers across India and the world. Her followers come from all walks of life. She primarily writes about her travels, her life as a journalist, and how she helps other women shape their futures. Her postings can be seen on several social media platforms.

Her art is admired by many people, as evidenced by the comments and likes left on her Instagram posts. It contains a great deal of love and admiration for her. In many situations, Anjilee finds it more convenient to communicate directly with the people that follow him. In addition to that, she is a fan of a great many well-known celebrities.


Anjilee uploads videos to her channel on YouTube. It is commonly referred to as “Travel with Anjilee Istwal” in the industry. Where she can be found while she is traveling throughout the country. We can see her traveling around Ladakh and enjoying the natural scenery as she never stopped raving about the breathtaking splendor of new areas. She also has a strong appreciation for the cuisine of the locations she travels; in her videos, she frequently discusses her favorite restaurants.

Because Anjilee’s show is being live streamed for her audience, it is also available to watch on the NDTV 24X7 YouTube channel. Her presentations have massive followings, and her audience looks up to and respects her viewpoint to a great extent. It can be viewed in the comments section of NDTV 24X7’s coverage of her News hours.

Facts About Anjilee Istwal

  • Anjilee Istwal presented her clothing line under the name “Joli with Anjilee” in 2017. Her brands are an accurate representation of Indian culture in every way.
  • She was born on the 29th of December and spent most of her childhood in New Delhi.
  • Anjilee Istwal During her time at Aajtak India Today, she was a part of the team that produced and anchored the weekly magazine show “Duniya Tak,” which focused on current events from around the world.
  • The fact that Anjilee is not a vegetarian is made abundantly evident in her trip videos on YouTube, in which she frequently visits India and discusses her experiences there about vegetarianism.
  • In addition, Anjilee has a tattoo of a “white feather” on her right leg, as seen by the picture of the tattoo that she provided for her fans on her social media handle.


How old is Anjilee Istwal?

The 29th of December saw the arrival of Anjilee Istwal. She does not discuss her age in public.

Is there a social media presence for Anjilee Istwal?

Yes, Anjilee Istwal has an active presence on the social media platforms Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube.

Is Anjilee Istwal currently in a relationship?

Anjilee Istwal never divulged any details about her previous relationships to the public. She has stated that she will be looking forward to getting married when she finds a perfect match for her.

Where did Anjilee Istwal receive the diploma for her studies?

She began her education at a Hindu School, Delhi College, where she received a Bachelor of Science degree in Mass Communication. She then continued her education at Symbiosis Institute of Mass Communication, located in Pune.

When did she initially begin working as a journalist?

2003 marked the beginning of Anjilee Istwal’s career as a journalist. Beginning in February 2001 and going through January 2003, she worked as a daily host. She worked for Aaj Tak, Zee Information, and the India Today Group joining NDTV.

Does anyone know if Anjilee Istwal has a boyfriend or not?

She did not disclose any information about her private life in any public forum, and she did not discuss the nature of her romantic relationships either on or off camera.

Does Anjilee Istwal have her channel on YouTube?

Yes, she does. Her channel is called “Travel with Anjilee Istwal” on YouTube, where she shares videos she has created about her travels in India. She does a beautiful job of describing her travel experiences and the local cultures of the areas she has gone to.

What is Anjilee Istwal’s estimated net worth in 2023?

Anjilee Istwal is estimated to have a net worth of INR 4 crore or $0.5 million