Arshad Khan, a young chaiwala with captivating blue eyes from Pakistan, experienced a life-changing event in 2016 when a casual photo of him, taken by photographer Jiah Ali, went viral on social media. This unexpected popularity turned him into an online sensation, leading to numerous modeling opportunities within a short span of two months. Eventually, he started receiving acting offers, which flooded in rapidly. Now, in the year 2023, Arshad has once again stepped into the public eye by opening his own cafe, Cafe Chaiwala Arshad Khan, on Ilford Land in East London.

Reflecting on his journey, Arshad fondly shares, “After that picture went viral, my life changed overnight. It has had a significant impact on my financial, personal, and professional aspects. Previously, I could freely do anything I wanted, wear anything, eat anywhere, or sit wherever I pleased. But now, fame has brought certain boundaries that I must consider. I have to be mindful of my actions, choices of attire, and places I frequent.”

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While the 23-year-old is still savoring his newfound fame, he admits that it took him some time to grasp the magnitude of the situation. “When the photo went viral, the media approached me for an interview. For a good two months, I couldn’t quite comprehend what was happening to me,” jokes Arshad, reminiscing about the whirlwind of activities that followed the viral photo at the tea stall.

Shortly after becoming an internet sensation, Arshad ventured into modeling for various businesses and advertisements in Pakistan. This journey has been a remarkable one for the young chaiwala, who has embraced his unexpected fame with gratitude and enthusiasm.