Are you thinking of starting your own clothing brand and finding the best and perfect brand name ideas

If yes, you read the right article. This article will guide you in making your image in the fashion industry. As per my thinking everyone likes catchy, luxury, and memorable names for business.


Here are some brand name ideas that will help to solve the problems that you find. You will learn many types of clothing brand name ideas and also learn how to use a name ideas generator tool.

Yes, you again read right, here you learn many more things that help you increase and grow your business. 

If you’re launching a second your own fashion store, we’re here to give you unique and top-quality brand name ideas. Unique clothing brand names will inspire you to create fabulous fashions that can boost your business. 

Let’s explore the clothing brand name ideas across different styles.

👗💼Luxury Clothing Brand Name Ideas


Everyone wants to wear luxury brand clothing. For that reason, we give some luxury clothing brand name ideas that help you a lot. 

Here we share the list:

  1. Elite Elegance
  2. Luxe Lane
  3. Opulent Outfits
  4. Velvet Vogue
  5. Majestic Threads
  6. Opulent Origin
  7. Luxe Legacy
  8. Elegante Essence
  9. Silk Sovereignty
  10. Elite Elegance
  11. Divine Drapery
  12. Imperial Impress
  13. Chic Chateau
  14. ThreadCouture
  15. Sophisticated Elegance
  16. Luxe Label
  17. Timeless Couturier
  18. Celestial Designs Collection
  19. Haute Rose
  20. Comfortably Chic
  21. The Velvet Closet
  22. Luxe Wardrobe
  23. Slaying fashion
  24. Fashion redefined
  25. Regal attires
  26. Top-notch styles
  27. Luxewear
  28. Regality redefined
  29. Bliss style
  30. Celeb fashion
  31. Instaworthy creations
  32. Aristo Attire
  33. Mirage Mode
  34. Glamour Guild

👕Clothing Brand Name Ideas Streetwear


We all know that luxury streetwear increases your image and looks better than others. As per this thought, we give you some unique and impressive streetwear brand name ideas that will help you boost your business image.

Here you see the list:

  1. Urban Unity
  2. Street Style
  3. Cool Clique
  4. Urban Pulse
  5. StreetBeat Threads
  6. Concrete Jungle Wear
  7. MetroVogue Collective
  8. AlleyCat Apparel
  9. Sidewalk Symphony
  10. UrbanEdge Outfitters
  11. RebelRoad Fashion
  12. GritGrace Gear
  13. CityScape Styles
  14. Gurrls&Guysss
  15. Sheets2street
  16. The Street Style
  17. Fashion path
  18. The elite tribe
  19. Unofash
  20. Golddip
  21. Sunshine couture
  22. Go get tribe
  23. Urban fashionista
  24. Urban Mystique Wear
  25.  Neon Nights Apparel
  26. City Pulse Fashions
  27. Rogue Street Designs
  28. Metro Mood Clothing
  29. Concrete Couture Collective
  30. Asphalt Attire
  31. Urban Attic Apparel
  32. Alleyway Aesthetics
  33. Metro Maven Wear
  34. Rebel Roadster Threads
  35. Cityscape Chic
  36. Urban Elegance
  37. Street Swagger Style
  38. Pavement Posh
  39. Urbanity Unleashed
  40. Alley Vogue
  41. Neon Noir Apparel
  42. Cityscape Couture
  43. Asphalt Aura
  44. Urban Vogue Collective
  45. Concrete Chic
  46. Alley Affinity Apparel
  47. Metro Modish
  48. Street Savvy Style

👕⛪️Christian Clothing Brand Name Ideas


If you want to build your clothing business in this way, you need to have some brand image ideas. But do not worry about this because we list out the Christian clothing brand name ideas that you want and find. 

So, without any delay see the list:

  1. Faith Fashion
  2. Grace Garb
  3. Spirit Style
  4. Heavenly Threads
  5. Divine Wear
  6. Gospel Glamour
  7. Sanctified Styles
  8. Angelic Attire
  9. Saved & Stylish
  10. Virtuous Vogue
  11. Redemption Raiment
  12. Believer’s Boutique
  13. Sacred Chic
  14. Blessed Threads
  15. Faithful Fashion
  16. Pious Apparel
  17. Reverent Raiment
  18. Hallelujah Wear
  19. Holiness Couture
  20. Devotional Dress
  21. Christian Couture
  22. Graceful Garments
  23. Spirit Sanctified
  24. Heavenly Hues
  25. Faithful Fashions
  26. Serene Style
  27. Divine Designs
  28. Gospel Garments
  29. Virtue Vogue
  30. Redeemed Raiment
  31. Sanctified Swag
  32. Angelic Apparel
  33. Celestial Chic

👗Y2K Clothing Brand Name Ideas

Y2K Clothing Brand Name Ideas

Are you aware of Y2K clothing fashion?  

If not, Here we would like to share Y2K clothing brand name ideas. So you need to see and read this. 

I hope you understand in a better way what Y2K clothing fashion is.

  1. Retro Revive
  2. Millennium Mode
  3. Nostalgia Now
  4. illennium Glitz
  5. Retro Futurist
  6. Cyber Chic
  7. Neo Nostalgia
  8. Pixel Pop Outfitters
  9. Flashback Fabrics
  10. Digital Dreams
  11. WearY2Kiss Couture
  12. Retro Revamp Styles
  13. Millennium Mood
  14. Groove2000 Collections
  15. CosmicY2K Designs
  16. Vintage Vortex
  17. Echoes of 2000
  18. Time Capsule Trends
  19. PopRetro Fashions
  20. BinaryBlast Fashion House
  21. Noughties Nouveau
  22. Y2K Chic Boutique
  23. CyberSonic Apparel
  24. FutureFlash Fashion
  25. RetroTech Threads
  26. Millennial Moda
  27. 2000 Vibes Vogue
  28. Digital Decade Designs
  29. Nostalgia Nation Attire
  30. Millennial Mix Couture
  31. Neo-Noughties Styles
  32. Retro Rewind Wear
  33. CyberCouture Collective
  34. Y2K Renaissance Raiments
  35. Vintage Vista Vestments
  36. Nostalgic Nineties Wardrobe
  37. Millennium Mirage Fashion
  38. Binary Bliss Boutique
  39. Echoes of the 00s Apparel
  40. Futuristic Flashback Fashions

👗👚Catchy Clothing Brand Name Ideas


It is true, not anyone’s right to get attention. Right? As per this thinking here are some catchy clothing brand name ideas for you.

  1. StyleSplash
  2. TrendTrove
  3. Fashion Flare
  4. ChicVogue
  5. ModishMantra
  6. UrbanChic
  7. GlamourGrove
  8. VogueVista
  9. StyleSavvy
  10. CoutureCharm
  11. TrendTribe
  12. SartorialSquad
  13. ModeMingle
  14. StyleSphere
  15. DapperDaze
  16. FashionFusion
  17. TrendTonic
  18. HauteHaven
  19. ModaMuse
  20. ChicCraze
  21. VogueVault
  22. FashionFinesse
  23. TrendyThreads
  24. CoutureCraft
  25. ChicClique
  26. TrendTrekker
  27. StyleSynergy
  28. FashionFiesta
  29. ModaMoxie
  30. VogueVoyage
  31. TrendTemptation
  32. CoutureCascade
  33. GlamourGlimpse

🏋️‍♂️💪Fitness/Gym Clothing Brand Name Ideas


Each wishes to be healthy and fit. So, People visit gyms and other fitness centers. To look attractive, they want to wear the best brand clothing.

Based on that idea, we’re here to suggest some Fitness/Gym clothing brand name ideas that are perfect and can give everyone a better look.

  1. FitFlex
  2. ActiveAura
  3. Gym Gear
  4. Fit Forge
  5. IronWill Wear
  6. Flex Fashions
  7. Grit Gear
  8. Vigor Vogue
  9. AthletiqueCore Couture
  10. ZestZen
  11. EnerGym
  12. PeakPerformance Apparel
  13. Power Pivot
  14. Endurance Ensembles
  15. FlexFab
  16. StrengthStyle
  17. StaminaWear
  18. FitnessFusion
  19. Flexure Threads
  20. ActiveEdge Apparel
  21. Vitality Vogue
  22. MuscleMode
  23. Agility Attire
  24. Energize Ensembles
  25. FlexFit Fashion
  26. Pulse Performance Wear
  27. PowerPlay Apparel
  28. ActiveAlchemy
  29. SportSwift
  30. DynamicDress
  31. BodyBlitz Boutique
  32. VitalVestments
  33. FlexFlow Fashion

👗🎀Women’s Clothing Brand Name Ideas


Every woman knows the different types of clothing and fashion sense. 

Right women’s?

But don’t worry men, here we explain some Women’s clothing brand name ideas for your knowledge because our main motto is to make everyone aware of all the clothing brands and different types of brand name ideas.

  1. Femme Fashion
  2. Lady Luxe
  3. She Style
  4. Lavish Lady
  5. Mystique Muse
  6. Divine Drape
  7. Glamour Grace
  8. Urban Utopia
  9. Flora Fashion
  10. Elegance Ensemble
  11. Chic Charm
  12. Sophisticate Style
  13. Enigma Elegance
  14. Radiant Regalia
  15. Opulent Orchid
  16. Serene Silhouette
  17. Blossom Boutique
  18. Pearl Pizzazz
  19. Velvet Vogue
  20. Celestial Chic
  21. Aurora Attire
  22. Harmony Haute
  23. Luminous Loom
  24. Majesty Mode
  25. Eden Ethos
  26. Phoenix Finesse
  27. Enchant Elegance
  28. Aurora Aura
  29. Serendipity Style
  30. Moonlit Manor
  31. Jubilee Jive
  32. Radiance Realm
  33. Divine Dynasty
  34. Seraphina Style
  35. Whispering Willow
  36. Enchanted Elegance
  37. Ember Emporium
  38. Saffron Sartorial
  39. Coral Cove Couture

👔Men’s Clothing Brand Name Ideas


If you have a men’s clothing store, may you think about different types and attractive men’s clothing brand names?
So, here you will find different types of men’s clothing brand name ideas. I hope you see a variety of brand name ideas and find your solution.

  1. Gents Gear
  2. Man Mode
  3. His Style
  4. Urban Maverick
  5. Grit Guardian
  6. Bold Basics
  7. Man Vogue
  8. Classic Gent
  9. Vanguard Valiant Garments
  10. Rogue Regent Styles 
  11. Elite Edge
  12. Gentleman’s Attire
  13. Masculine Threads
  14. Sartorial Sovereign
  15. Dapper Den
  16. Urbane Elegance
  17. Prime Patron
  18. Refined Raiment
  19. Modish Man
  20. Sophisticated Swagger
  21. Regal Regalia
  22. Stylish Squire
  23. Savvy Sartor
  24. Urbane Couture
  25. Polished Persona
  26. Elegant Ensemble
  27. Suave Selections
  28. Modern Dandy
  29. Fashionable Fellow
  30. Chic Chap
  31. Tailored Tradition
  32. Birthright
  33. Spellbound
  34. Mirror Mirror
  35. Elixir
  36. Drip Drop
  37. 7 Days
  38. Day Dreamer
  39. Mr. Misfit
  40. Exposition
  41. Chained
  42. Mad
  43. Sharp Knights
  44. Renaissance Man
  45. 6th Sense
  46. Fashion Future
  47. Crisp Couture
  48. Little Prince
  49. Nostalgia
  50. Space Dreams

🌿👕Eco-Friendly Clothing Brand Name Ideas

Are you aware sustainable fashion means eco-friendly clothing fashion? It helps the fashion industry to decrease environmental impact and also protect our health.

To help our world by increasing awareness about eco-friendly clothing fashion, you will start a new eco-friendly clothing store. At that time you faced many issues regarding brand name ideas.

But do not worry, we provide the best eco-friendly clothing brand name ideas that help you in your business.

Here we share the list for you:

  1. Green Garb
  2. Eco Chic
  3. Sustainable Style
  4. EarthThreads
  5. RenewWear
  6. EcoThreads
  7. Ethical Attire
  8. PurePlants Apparel
  9. EcoHue Fashion
  10. NatureWear
  11. LeafLine Clothing
  12. ConsciousCloth
  13. GreenFibre Fashion
  14. EcoElegance
  15. RenewedRaiment
  16. Sustainable Threads
  17. VerdantVogue
  18. EcoTrend Attire
  19. OrganicOutfit
  20. Earthly Ensemble
  21. EcoFashionista
  22. EcoEssence Attire
  23. GreenLeaf Style
  24. EcoCouture
  25. HarmonyWear
  26. GreenWardrobe
  27. EarthlyElegance
  28. EcoChic Couture
  29. RenewedThreads
  30. SustainableStitch
  31. Nature’sNest Attire
  32. EcoHarmony Apparel
  33. RenewRaiment
  34. EcoLoom Fashion
  35. GreenGrace Clothing
  36. PureEarth Garments
  37. EthicalEase Apparel
  38. RenewRack Wardrobe
  39. EcoRoots Attire
  40. EarthBound Threads
  41. SustainableSpirit Wear
  42. EcoSphere Fashion
  43. GreenGrove Garb

How to Use the Clothing Brand Name Ideas Generator Tool?

Here, we suggest the best tool such as Shopify’s clothing business name generator, and explain easy to understand in just follow 3 steps:

Shopify clothing business name generator tool
  • Open Shopify’s clothing business name generator tool and search for brand name ideas as per your domain.  
  • Click the generate names option.

Step 2: Select

  • After clicking, you see different types of brand names.
  • You need to select the best name for your business.

Step 3: Buy

  • Lastly, you need to log in then buy and use a free trial brand name for your business.

Summing Up

We hope that the above mentioned information provided will help you to choose the best brand name for your business niche. If your clothing brand name does not attract your audience you can not increase your business brand image and value. So, for this reason, we provided different types of clothing brand name ideas. Also, you learn something new like how to use the clothing brand name ideas generator tool for your business. Finally, I hope you solve all types of queries regarding the brand name ideas. 


What Is a Fancy Name for Fashion?

You can use some common names of fashion such as fad, mode, craze, rage, vogue, and style.

What Is a Catchy Name?

Attractive and easy to remember, it is a catchy name for business.

What are Brand Name Clothes?

Brand name clothes means clothing items that bear a specific and own brand name or logo.