Cyclone Michaung, currently advancing northward towards the coast, poses a substantial threat with its wall cloud region extending over land. The trajectory suggests a parallel movement near the south Andhra Pradesh coast, with a projected landfall between Nellore and Machilipatnam, specifically near Bapatla. The anticipated occurrence is expected to unfold on Tuesday noon, presenting itself as a Severe Cyclonic Storm characterized by a maximum sustained wind speed ranging between 90-100 kmph, and gusts reaching up to 110 kmph.

The impact of Cyclone Michaung has already been felt in several parts of Andhra Pradesh, with heavy to very heavy rains and formidable winds wreaking havoc in districts such as Nellore, Prakasam, and Bapatla. Recognizing the potential risks, the Andhra Pradesh government has taken proactive measures by appointing senior bureaucrats as special officers for the districts likely to be affected by the cyclone.

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Chennai and its neighboring districts bore the brunt of the cyclone on Monday, experiencing relentless, non-stop heavy rainfall since Sunday morning. The consequences have been severe, resulting in widespread flooding of homes and substantial damage to vehicles across the coastal metropolis. Unfortunately, five lives were lost due to various incidents, including electrocution and tree falls.

The evolving situation demands continuous monitoring and proactive measures to ensure the safety and well-being of the affected regions. Stay tuned with Naction news for comprehensive and up-to-date coverage of Cyclone Michaung, including the latest developments, impact assessments, and relief efforts. The collaborative efforts of meteorological agencies and local authorities will play a crucial role in managing the aftermath and aiding the communities affected by this formidable cyclonic storm.