Dream11 is a fantasy sports game, giving opportunities to users to bet on not just games but players too. On this platform, players can legally place bets via predictions on sports, primarily cricket. The users whose prediction comes true get to win cash prizes.

Dream11 is not on Play Store and app store. However, it’s there on the Internet. So, in today’s blog, we’ll explore some convenient methods for Dream11 APK download.

In addition, we’ll also understand what exactly Dream11 is. So, without wasting even a second, let’s jump straight to our first topic!

Dream11 APK Download Latest Version

NameDream 11
Application Versionv4.60.0
Supported Android Version24.1 MB Approximately
License TypeFree
Application Size7.0 And Up
Last UpdateAugust 2023
Dream11 APK Latest Version 2024

Dream11 is the largest and top fantasy gaming platform in India. It’s available to download for both android and apple smartphones. This platform allows users to establish their dedicated hockey, cricket, and football teams and battle them against other users’ teams. Players can enter their names in free as well as paid competitions.

The popularity of Dream11 has skyrocketed ever since the IPL was sponsored in the year 2022. If you are an IPL fan yourself, you might agree with us that – there was a time when the ADs of Dream11 used to play on every sports channel. Especially on those sports channels that used to broadcast the IPL. That was probably when this platform got its biggest boom, ever since it’s been in the market.

Dream11 APK Download for Android
Dream11 APK Download

Dream11 Apk Download For Android Mobile

As you know, Dream11 is not on the Play Store or app store. So, the only way for Dream11 APK to download on your smartphone is via the Internet. Here are the steps to do so:

  1. Go to the official website of Dream11 or click here.
  2. At the top, there will be a small section where you have to fill in your mobile number.
  3. You can easily spot that option as a vast GET APP LINK button will be below it.
  4. Enter your mobile number in that column and tab on getting APP LINK.
  5. The text message will contain a link to download the Dream11 application.
  6. Click on the link to direct you to your web browser.
  7. There will be a DOWNLOAD APP button in the middle of your screen.
  8. Tap on OK, and the application will start downloading on your smartphone.

How To Install Dream11 App/APK In Android

The above were the steps for downloading Dream11 APK on your smartphone. After the downloading part comes to the installation of the app. Here are the steps to perform the Dream11 APK install:

  1. Go to your web browser’s download settings to see the download progress.
  2. Once the download is completed, you can click on that file.
  3. Doing this will open another popup in the middle of your screen
  4. It will ask you if you want to continue this installation or not.
  5. Tab on the INSTALL button and installation will start on your smartphone.
  6. The process will take a few seconds or minutes to complete, so be patient.

How To Use Dream11 App/APK

  1. Now you can see the shortcut of the Dream11 app on your home screen.
  2. Tap on the app, click the NEW REGISTRATION option, and fill out your details.
  3. Now the homepage will appear on your screen.
  4. Sit back, place your bets and earn from your favorite sports.

These are the steps for Dream11 APK to download the latest version, along with how to install and run the application. If you follow them as written, you will have access to the application without inconvenience.

Besides mobile devices, users also have the facility to access the platform from their PCs. Yes, you have read right. You can now install Dream11 on your windows and MacBooks. Keep scrolling to learn how it can be done.

Dream11 Apk Latest Version Download For Pc

Dream11 Apk Latest Version Download For Pc
Dream11 Apk Latest Version Download For Pc

Do you want to install Dream11 on your pc but have no idea how to do so? Well, don’t worry. Many like you are still confused about Dream11 APK download latest version for pc. Earlier, it wasn’t possible to use this application beyond smartphones.

But considering the continued growth in the demand for the PC version of the app, the developers finally launched this feature. You can now download and run Dream11 on your windows and MacBook efficiently. But how to do so? Let’s discover the steps for Dream11 APK download for pc right below:

How to Install Dream11 APK in PC, Laptop

  1. Download BlueStacks on your Windows laptop or MacBook from this link right here.
  2. Once the Bluestacks file is downloaded, double-click on it to launch the setup wizard.
  3. Now follow the installation instructions appearing on your screen.
  4. The installation will finish in a few minutes. When it’s done, launch Bluestack on your device
  5. Open the Google Play Store and copy-paste “Dream11” into its search bar
  6. From your search results, spot the Dream11 app and click on the INSTALL button
  7. It will just take a few seconds for the installation to complete
  8. After Dream11 is successfully installed, it’ll appear on the home screen of Bluestacks
  9. Double-click on it to start and enjoy its wonderful betting experience.

So, these were the steps for installing the Dream11 application on your Windows pcs and MacBooks. Make sure you go through each point sincerely to avoid facing hindrances in the installation process.

Features of Dream11

Dream11 APK is India’s largest and best fantasy sports game. There are some heavy reasons why it’s called the best. Its features play an essential role in making it the most significant fantasy sport. The platform offers exceptionally great features, making the app superior to its competitors. Here are some of the key features that you’ll get to see in Dream11 App:

Easy Login and Registration

When it comes to fantasy games, most people have the assumption that these platforms have a complex registration process. It’s not a false thought. There are various fantasy league games on the Internet with unnecessarily complicated registration.

Unlike them, Dream11 is simple in terms of registration. All you have to do is fill in a handful of essential information, and your account will be created. In addition, you get multiple Dream11 APK login options such as email Id, mobile number, etc. They are pretty straightforward as well.

Variety of Gaming Options

The best part about Dream11 and why it has such a large user base is – its comprehensive gaming options. You can bet on multiple sports ranging from cricket to soccer and so many more. So, if you have good knowledge about cricket and other sports, you can earn extra money from it.

Since bets are made on games/matches from all across the globe, you don’t have to wait for significant organized sports such as IPL to upskill your prediction abilities while adding extra income to your Dream11 APK account. Isn’t that such a wonderful thing?

Affiliate Income

Many think betting and making predictions is the only way to earn money from Dream11. But that’s an incomplete truth. In addition to bets, there is also a facility for affiliate income. You can generate your referral code and share it with your friends.

You’ll be paid a commission every time someone creates an account on Dream11 using your referral link. This way, you can earn from betting and affiliate links, which pay a pretty good amount. Know people who want to join Dream11? Share your affiliate link and earn!

Simple And Convenient Withdrawal Procedures

Failure and inconvenience in withdrawal are one of the biggest concerns of people who wish to get started with Dream. The platform considered this concern and made the withdrawal process completely simple. You have to follow straightforward steps, and you can withdraw money easily.

Although there are chances of withdrawal failures, it’s shallow. If your withdrawal request fails, you can always contact the customer support of Dream11. They will help you walk through your concern with the best possible solutions. You can always check out their website to learn more about their customer support details.

Convenient User Interface

Another great feature of Dream11, which makes it the top fantasy gaming platform, is its user interface. Its outbursts the old misinterpretation of betting apps towards complexities. Of course, many fantasy gaming apps have pretty complicated interfaces. But Dream11 isn’t one of them. It has a clean and easy-to-use interface, enhancing your user experience.

In addition, the platform works very smoothly, without any lag, which makes it even more engaging. The last thing to expect from Dream11 is an inconvenient UI. There are many reasons why Dream11 is one of the most preferred Fantasy gaming platforms. The impressive user interface is one of the biggest reasons.

Simple Navigation Options

For beginners, navigating through an application could be a hassle. Dream11 has made sure that it doesn’t happen with their platform. It offers clean and simple navigation throughout the app, making it easier for users to get used to it. In addition, all the essential options are reflected on the home page, saving you time to look for it.

How to Play Dream11?

How to Play Dream11

For beginners, getting started with Dream11 could be a hassle task. Dream11 is about creating matches, analyzing your prediction, and starting the game. But for beginners, even getting inside could be tricky. So here are steps to get started with Dream11:

Select a Dedicated Match

There is a list of matches going around the world showcased on Dream11. The first step is to select an upcoming game on Dream11, most probably Cricket or whatever sports you like the most. Once you have decided which match to carry forward, tap on the match and choose the CREATE TEAM option.

Create a Team

The second step is to establish your team. This step will require your knowledge of sports. You get to choose a total of 11 players to create a team. For 11 players, you get 100 credits which you have to utilize in such a way that your team has the right amount of wicket keepers, bowlers, batters, and all-rounders.

Join a Contest

Once your team is created, the next step is to join the content. In Dream11, users primarily participate in two types of content – paid and free. If you are a beginner, we prefer you to understand the game first. Thus, getting started with free content will be ideal. Later, when you know the same well, you can move forward with participating in the paid contests.

Following the Match

After participating in a match, you don’t have to leave it right there. Instead, you have to follow your progress. Following your match’s progress is an integral part of playing in the Dream11. Watch the telecast of your match via TV or OTT platform, and enjoy watching your scorecard change. The fantasy scorecard in Dream11 is based on a real-time game. Therefore, it’s updated every 2 minutes.

Keep a Winner’s Mentality

It’s essential to have a robust sportsman spirit in your mind. A strong winner’s mindset will allow you to get mentally strong about the game and boost your confidence. Along with cash rewards, if your scorecard receives the most points for that match you participate in, you will get the chance to win your team’s merchandise. Isn’t that amazing? So, make sure to have a winner’s mindset when playing Dream11.

How Did Dream11 Get Started in The Market?

Dream11 APK was founded in 2008 by Bhavit Seth and Harsh Jain. It’s the largest Fantasy Sports platform in India and a significant source of an incredible number of YouTube Videos. Everyone knows that.

But what most people are unaware of is that Dream11 APK isn’t just a fantasy game but a virtual Monopoly. In recent years, many new fantasy platforms have been introduced. Yet, Dream11 occupies 90% of the market to date, sitting at the top of its competitors.

In 2018 a Chinese holding company, i.e., Tencent, invested around $100MM in Dream11, an Indian fantasy sports company. Today, Dream11 is the biggest fantasy sport in India, with a user base of more than 100 million people.

Cricket And Dream11 APK

Cricket is the most popular and watched sport in India. More than 700M people watch cricket annually, including most of the viewership from IPL. The sport is undoubtedly a large business, with significant money spent on telecasting rights. People in India don’t just watch the cricket but bet on it too. Illegal betting has an exceptionally massive market in our country; some estimate it to be around $150 Billion.

Since betting is banned, commoners have few options to satisfy their thirst for extra money. Among many illegal betting sources, Dream11 APK has become a legal medium to use your cricket knowledge and prediction skills to earn money. Some say it’s as similar as betting. Others find it a wholly technical and knowledge-required medium of income from cricket. Different people have different opinions of the platform, which changes with time.

How Does Dream11 Work?

How Dream11 APK works is quite simple yet complicated on the back end. Let’s understand it’s working from a user’s point of view. Cricket matches are played throughout the year in different countries and types. Let’s suppose it’s the IPL going on. So a user selects a team and picks its prediction for an approximate score a player might accomplish. If the user’s prediction comes true, he will win the money he bet invested/bet into that player, and vice versa. 

In other words, as rewarding as Dream11 APK is, it’s equally risky. It’s seen that people with excellent knowledge of Cricket and technical and analytical skills can earn a good amount from this platform. In the long run, your skills to predict the correct outcome will earn you from Dream11. Thus, it’s a risk-centric platform, and one must carefully study its working and scope before getting into it.

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Is Safe Dream Dream11 App?

The first concern of anyone getting started with a cash flow platform is its safety. So is Dream11 APK download 2023 safe? Absolutely. Yes, Dream11 is a 100% secure application and doesn’t misuse user data for personal benefit. Even their privacy policy says they highly value their users’ data and keep it 100% safe. Thus, the least of your concerns with Dream11 is your data leakage. For more privacy information, read the “Privacy policy” app.

Besides, safety isn’t always about data but money too. In terms of money, Dream11 APK or any other fantasy gaming app includes a certain level of risk. The probability of winning and losing money remains 50-50. However, your ability to make the correct prediction can reduce the risk of losses. Therefore, if you are a beginner in fantasy gaming, start small. Bet small amounts and learn how the application indeed works as your knowledge and risk ratio increase. Move forward with increasing your bet amount.

Final Words

In today’s blog, we have learned the steps to download Dream11 for Android, iOS, Windows, and MacBook. Make sure to follow all the steps carefully, and you’ll get access to the app in no time. Also, since it’s a platform that involves money, perform in-depth market research before getting started.

At last, if you know someone planning to get into Dream11, share this blog with them. Let them start their journey in the smoothest way possible. Ending this blog, we want to say that play safe and keep growing!


What exactly is Dream11?

Dream11 is India’s largest fantasy gaming platform to bet and earn money. You can bet on various sports such as baseball, cricket, hockey, etc.

Is Dream11 safe to use?

Dream11 ensures the complete safety of your data. So Yes, Dream11 is 100% safe to use. Your private data is safe and secure with the app.

Is Dream11 banned in India?

No, Dream11 isn’t banned in India. According to the court, Dream11 includes “games of mere skills,” making it exempt from any provision of the PGC or Public Gambling ACT 1867.

Is Dream11 not on the play store?

Unfortunately, Dream11 isn’t available on Google Play Store. The only way to download it on your smartphone is through the official website of Dream11.

Is Dream11 Gambling?

According to the High Court of India, Dream11 isn’t a game of luck or chance. Thus, from a legal point of view, it doesn’t fall under the category of betting platforms.

Can we lose money in Dream11?

Yes, the win and loss ratio of Dream11 is 1:1, meaning the chances of earning and losing money are the same. With proper analysis and the right knowledge, the risk rate decreases potentially.

Is Dream11 winning taxable?

Yes, your winning is taxable. Let’s suppose a user earns Rs 10000 in a match. Therefore, their net winning will be (rs 10000-2000) = rs 8000. In addition, a 30% TDS will be charged.