A group of three government ministers will meet with farmers who are protesting in Chandigarh on Thursday to talk about their demands. The farmers are unhappy about certain things and have been gathered at the border between Punjab and Haryana for a while now.

The ministers involved are Arjun Munda, who looks after agriculture, Piyush Goyal, who deals with trade and industry, and Nityanand Rai, who works in the Home Affairs department. They will meet with the farmers at 5 pm to discuss issues like ensuring farmers get a fair price for their crops. This will be the third time they’re meeting. The last two meetings didn’t end with a solution, so they’re trying again.

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The farmers from Punjab are camping at the borders of Punjab and Haryana because they want to go to Delhi to make the government listen to them. They’ve said they won’t move towards Delhi until after this meeting.

Some farmer groups have announced that they’ll block railway tracks for a few hours on Thursday to protest against how the police treated them with tear gas and water cannons. Other farmer groups are planning to protest at toll booths for a few hours as well.

The police have put up barriers to stop the farmers from going to Delhi on their tractors. At one border point, tear gas was used when farmers tried to get past the barriers, and there were clashes between the farmers and the police. Similar things are happening at another border nearby.

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The farmers want the government to make laws about ensuring they get fair prices for their crops, forgiving their loans, and following the recommendations of the Swaminathan Commission.