Today’s generation is surrounded by mobile phones. Your mobile phone captures all your memories wherever you go. Sometimes you forget your wallet at home, and you have to pay for things. It is then that Net Banking becomes a saviour. The introduction of the Adhaar Card in India has made all of this possible. Linking Adhaar cards with mobile numbers and banks became mandatory in 2017. 

In addition to enhancing your security, linking your Adhaar number to your Sim is essential. No one else can claim your number. All of this is due to the biometric system introduced in Adhaar. 

What is Adhaar Card?

Adhaar Card refers to 12 digits unique number for your identification that the Unique Identification Authority of India has issued on behalf of the Government of India.

Adhar Card Identification
Adhaar Card

After the registration, you receive Adhaar Card via post or E Adhaar download.

How to Download e-Adhaar Card Online

The government uses Adhaar Card information for the following reasons;

  1. To collect demographic information online.
  2. Remove the fake identification card from India.
  3. To know about bank information of fraudsters.

If you have lost your old sim or changed your personal mobile number permanently, then it is important for you to change your number in Adhaar card.

  • Visit your nearest Adhaar Enrolment Centre.
  • Fill out the Correction Form to change your number.
  • Submit the form to Adhaar Executive.
  • You have to pay Rs 30 as a service fee.
  • The phone number will be updated within 90 days of registration.

How to Update Mobile Number in Adhaar Card?

All the Indian citizens who are 5 years or above has to issue a new Adhaar Card. This will help you avail many benefits like opening bank account, school admission and different Government schemes etc. To avail all these services, linking Adhaar with Mobile number is mandatory. For this, you need to update your mobile number in Adhaar Card. So let us check out 6 easy steps for these Adhaar Update;

  • Go to the nearby Adhaar enrolment centre.
  • Ask for a form to update Mobile number in the Adhaar Card.
  • Mention your new mobile number in the form.
  • Deposit the form to the executive of Adhaar Enrolment Centre.
  • Please verify your identity using biometrics; no other document is required for it.
  • You need to pay Rs 30 to the executive for the services.
  1. Visit the nearest Adhaar enrolment centre or search it on the official website of UIDAI.
  2. Request the executive to link Adhaar with the Mobile number. No further documentation is required for the linking.
  3. The Adhaar holder should be in the office for the verification.
  4. The number will be linked to the Adhaar card within 30 days.


The UIDAI has announced that they are currently not providing online services to link mobile numbers with Adhaar cards.

How to Verify Adhaar linked Mobile Number and Email ID?

Now that you have visited the Adhaar Enrolment Centre and updated your new number, you need to verify that number. This can be done online by following the simple steps given below;

  1. Visit the official UIDAI website.
  2. Click on Adhaar Service. You will find verify my mobile/ Email.
  3. Click on the security code below and select ‘One Time Password.”
  4. You will receive an SMS containing OTP. Enter that OTP.
  5. Click on verify OTP.

Once your Mobile number has been updated, it will show “Your mobile number, and Email Id are successfully verified.” Whenever you want to open your bank account or Verify KYC, you need to mention the number that has been attached with the Adhaar Card.


How can I change my mobile number on the Adhaar card?

You must visit the Adhaar Enrolment centre and ask for the form to change the Adhaar number. Fill out that form (you don’t need to submit any documentations).

How can I register my mobile number on Adhaar Card?

To register your Adhaar with a mobile number, you must visit the nearest Adhaar enrolment centre. Ask for the form and fill it up. You do not need to submit any documentation. Within 90 days, your mobile number will be updated.

How can I update my Email address in the Adhaar card?

To update your Email address, open SSUP portal using the Adhaar number and enter OTP to send your number. Select the Email option to update it. Fill in all the data in the given field. Now, submit the form.

What documents are required for address change in Adhaar Card?

The documents that are needed for address change are:
Ration card.
Voter ID.
Driving license.
Bank statement/passbook.
Post office account statement/passbook.
Government photo ID cards.
Electricity bill (should not be older than 3 months)

What documents are required for phone number change in Adhaar Card?

You do not need any document to change your phone number on the Adhaar card. The Adhaar Card owner should visit the Adhaar enrolment centre to change the number.

Do I have to submit any documents to change my mobile number in Adhaar Card?

You need not submit any document to the Adhaar Enrolment centre to change your number. All you need to ask for the phone number changing form and fill it. Give him back. You need to pay INR 30 for the services.

Can we change the mobile number in Adhaar at home?

No, you need to visit Adhaar Enrolment office to change your mobile number in Adhaar Card.

What if I lost my registered mobile number of Adhaar card?

You do not need to worry even if you lost your Sim of registered mobile number. You can get your duplicate Sim of the same number or change your mobile number by visiting the nearest Adhaar Enrolment Centre for the new number.

How long does it take to update the number in Adhaar Card?

The number will be updated 90 days after you have filled the form.