A brand new cricket stadium, Nassau County International Cricket Stadium, is being built in New York. This stadium is special because it’s designed for cricket, and it’s being put together in just three months.

The stadium can hold 34,000 people and will host eight matches during the ICC Men’s T20 World Cup in 2024. One of the big games will be between India and Pakistan on 9 June.

The stadium will have different types of seats, like special ones, regular ones, VIP areas, and party spaces. They’re also making efforts to be eco-friendly by reusing grandstands from the Formula 1 Las Vegas Grand Prix.

The architects planning this big project are from Populous, who’ve designed famous stadiums worldwide, like the one in Ahmedabad, India, and the one in London for Tottenham Hotspur. They also work with the New York Yankees and New York Mets.

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The head of the ICC, Geoff Allardice, is excited about the new stadium. He says it’s a big step towards the ICC Men’s T20 World Cup and can hold 34,000 cricket fans.

The stadium won’t only be for cricket lovers. It will have cool things for everyone, like a fan area, lots of food and drink places, and modern media spots. They’re making the cricket pitch in Florida and bringing it to New York in May. The stadium is not far from Manhattan, with good transportation and parking. There are also three train stations nearby.

People will get to be part of history by coming to the cricket festival and watching eight T20 World Cup matches, starting with Sri Lanka against South Africa on 3 June.