The job of placing temporary workers is fast-paced and competitive. If you are planning to profitably run a top-billing temp desk, then you need access to the right temporary recruitment software.

Good temps software helps make your high-volume recruitment process successful. It adds efficiency to your workflow which enhances the quality of your work.

A good CRM software system for temps placement will support –

  • Simple booking sheets
  • Quick candidate availability checks
  • Online shift planners
  • Online skills testing
  • Comprehensive compliance checks

Many times, it will include integration with a good pay and bill software that can swiftly process timesheets, track time and attendance, produce a self-bill invoice, and support HMRC reporting.

Thus, it is natural to state that taking the time to find the best software for temp recruitment agencies results in an inordinate influence on candidate experience and client satisfaction both of which go on to generate positive brand reputation.

But what is a good temps software system? How does one understand where to begin the search for the best software for recruitment agencies placing temp workers? This kind of search takes time and effort if it is to be a success.

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Three main ways to search for temporary recruitment CRM software

Market Research

Similar to any other kind of purchase, the hunt for the best recruitment software begins with thorough research. Make a note of what the market offers. Check out the leading CRM suppliers.

Make sure their products are suitable for your agency and the kind of work you do. Have a checklist of crucial variables ready before you begin your search. This helps you narrow the research to a direction that is most helpful.

Your list must include temps software vendors. Whether your area of work is centred on construction or education or healthcare, it is prudent to find a supplier that specialises in that sector.


Product demos are essential. They provide an opportune platform for potential customers to examine the software, observe how the features work in relation to their business needs, ask questions, etc.

The demos are free and are offered either online or on-site. Therefore, booking at least one product demo before making the final decision is highly recommended. It provides a better insight into the CRM software system.

Recruitment database software systems are not exactly cheap. It also involves a lot of time to decide on a particular CRM, train the new users in the use of the system, transfer data, etc. The wrong choice would mean restarting the process all over again.


User reviews are most helpful to prospective customers if they know where to look. For instance, do not rely only on positive customer testimonials that have been shared by the suppliers.

While these are great for displaying what makes their customers happy, they can overshadow other areas potential customers ought to pay attention to. If you know other temp agencies who use the same software, ask for their honest review. Or visiting objective review sites like Trustpilot is helpful, too.

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Take the time to read both positive and negative comments. See how the vendor has responded to feedback. If there’s a slew of negative reviews about a certain aspect of the temporary recruitment agency software and if this seems to continue from many years back, that might be a red flag.