Israel and Hamas are in a serious conflict in Rafah. Israel’s war minister, Benny Gantz, has told Hamas to release hostages by March 10, or Israeli forces will invade Rafah. This warning comes as many Palestinians in Gaza are seeking refuge in Rafah, a city close to Egypt. International agencies are worried that an attack on Rafah could lead to a “massacre.”

Over 28,000 people have died in Israeli strikes on Gaza. Egypt, Qatar, and the United States have suggested peace plans, but there’s little progress. Despite the U.S. warning Israel to stop killing civilians, Israeli forces continue their attacks.

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Here are 10 key things to know about the Israel-Hamas war in Rafah:

  1. Israel warned Hamas to free hostages by March 10, or Israel will launch a ground offensive on Rafah.
  2. Benny Gantz says Israel is working with allies like the United States to evacuate citizens and minimize civilian casualties.
  3. Egypt won’t allow Palestinian refugees on its territory, raising concerns about the war spreading to Rafah.
  4. Some sources claim Israel wants to push Palestinians out of Gaza for a resettlement plan.
  5. The International Court of Justice (ICJ) heard a plea on the plight of Palestinians in Gaza.
  6. The ICJ heard from the UN General Assembly, Israel, and the Palestinian Authority about Israel’s actions.
  7. Palestinian Foreign Affairs Minister Riyad al-Maliki spoke at the ICJ, highlighting the challenges faced by Palestinians.
  8. Al-Maliki believes the ICJ’s decision could increase the chances of peace in Gaza.
  9. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu dismissed the ICJ’s hearing, not recognizing its legitimacy.
  10. Netanyahu sees the discussion as part of the Palestinian attempt to influence political agreements without negotiations.