Lots of Indians want to pass the UPSC exam and become IAS officers. It takes years of hard work to make this happen. But some, like Dr. Tanu Jain, who became an IAS officer in 2015, decide to do something else after achieving their dream.

Dr. Tanu Jain grew up in Sadar, Delhi, went to Cambridge School, and studied BDS (Bachelor of Dental Surgery) at Subharti Medical College. While studying dentistry, she started preparing for the UPSC exam and eventually became an IAS officer.

After becoming an IAS officer, Dr. Tanu Jain kept helping society through different social activities, giving motivational speeches, and writing books. She has a big following on Instagram, with over 96k followers, because of her work and ideas.

Even though she had a successful career as an IAS officer for seven and a half years, Tanu Jain decided to quit and become a full-time teacher. She explained, “My job was good, and I worked hard for seven and a half years. However, I saw the difficulties people face when preparing for the UPSC exam. I went through those challenges myself, so I understand. Life gives chances to grow, and with my husband also in civil service, I felt brave enough to try something new.”

Tanu Jain faced challenges during her UPSC journey. She passed the prelims exam in just two months on her first try but didn’t pass the mains. She finally got the 648th rank in her third attempt in 2014. Her story shows that people can choose different paths to find happiness and success in their lives.