Clearing the Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) civil services exam usually takes several years of hard work and dedication. However, Sonia Meena managed to crack the IAS exam in her initial attempts, which is quite rare. Becoming an IAS officer in 2013, she secured an impressive All India Rank (AIR) of 36.

Originally from Rajasthan, Sonia Meena has been serving in the Madhya Pradesh cadre for the past decade. She gained widespread attention for her notable investigation into the activities of the mafia figure, Arjun Singh.

Known for her firm and decisive administrative approach, Sonia Meena strikes fear into the hearts of those involved in the underworld. Active on social media platforms like Instagram, she generously shares valuable tips and insights for aspiring civil servants. With a substantial following of over 17.9k on Instagram, she remains an influential figure in the civil services community.

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Currently stationed in the ministry of Bhopal, Sonia Meena has held various significant positions throughout her career. She has served as SDM, ADM, and District Panchayat CEO, contributing her expertise to different regions such as Rajnagar, Chhatarpur, Umaria, and Morena district.